St. Keith's Memorial Grounds
Saint Keith's Memorial Grounds
Store Number IN131
Location Ingleton
Survivor(s) Christine Emerie
Mission(s) Darker Gods

St. Keith's Memorial Grounds is a location in Dead Rising 3.

Nick must travel through the graveyard in order to find the morgue which contains Zombrex during Chapter 2. He meets Gary Finkel here and finds a way into the chapel.

A survivor named Christine can also be found here during the side mission Darker Gods in Chapter 3. In Chapter 7, during the mission Memory Lane, Nick escorts Meryl through the grounds to the mausoleum.

Smashing 100 gravestones in the area is required for the Grave Robber PP trial, which will reward Nick with 10,000 PP when completed. During Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent, a collectible Bootleg Zombrex can be found here. There is also a Frank Statue here. 


Cemetary Grounds

Parking Lot


Cemetary Grounds

Parking Lot




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