Still Creek Movie Theater
Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Still Creek Movie Theater
Store Number PR105
Location Still Creek
Type Entertainment
Scoop(s) Treasure In An Alley
"This month's special feature from the archives: O'Bold and the Midnight Raiders."
—Still Creek Map

The Still Creek Movie Theater is a location in the town of Still Creek in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

It is a single theater, with a lobby and auditorium. Inside the lobby is a ticket booth and a snack bar, along with some promotional cardboard cutouts. There is a locked door in the seating area which can be opened for the locksmith achievement.


Source Location Amount when broken Total
Dead rising Still Creek Casino Cash Cash on floor (4) In front of winning slot machines $200 (2)
$100 (2)
Dead rising Slot Machine Barnyard Bonanza Slot Machine (both types) (4) The four slot machines with the $200 and $100 in front of them can be played 5 times without losing.

To play 20 times: $100 x 20 = $2000

Winnings 20 times: $300 x 20 = $6000

$6000 - $2000 = $4000 winnings

$200 each game $4000
Dead rising Slot Machine Barnyard Bonanza Slot Machine (both types) (8) Either side of lobby. Break the eight machines. $300 each $2400
Dead rising Cash Register (Dead Rising 2) Cash Register (2) On counter $400 $800
Grand total $7800




  • Chuck cannot jump over the movie theater seats.
  • There are four movie posters in the lobby of the theater. Two of the movies are the same as in the Dead Rising Colby's Movieland theater in Willamette Parkview Mall, 2 years before.
  • The theater's monthly special feature is O'Bold and the Midnight Raiders.
  • The Cardboard Cutouts feature Protoman, a character from Megaman, adding to the list of Megaman References in the Dead Rising Games.
  • The Midnight Raiders could possibly be a reference to the fictional band from the game Left 4 Dead 2, The Midnight Riders.


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