Stranded Siren
Location Atlantica Casino
Start Time 6PM, September 27th
End Time 3AM, September 28th
Survivor(s) Tammy Blaine
PP 22,000 (Join)
44,000 (Escort)
"Hey, Chuck. This is going to sound a little strange... but there's, um... a mermaid at the Atlantica Waterfall. I think she is stranded."
Stacey Forsythe

Stranded Siren is a Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record mission in which Chuck must carry a "mermaid" from Atlantica Casino.


When Chuck Greene finds Tammy Blaine at the Atlantica Casino, she explains her predicament and agrees to follow Chuck to the Safe House. However, on account of her costume, she is unable to walk (and unable to take it off as she forgot to put on underwear) and has to be carried. When not carried, she is unable to stand and can only flop around on the floor.

Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.


  • After being brought to the Safe House, Tammy is mysteriously able to stand, even while still wearing her fish bottom.
  • She is not affected by the Leadership magazine.
  • Tammy cannot go into any vehicles.
  • In Off The Record, taking a picture of her will give you the Adult Content achievement.


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