Stuffed Bear
Dead rising Stuffed Bear
Type Melee
Damage 25 (Primary & Thrown)
Uses 20 hits
Location Gramma's Kids
Jamming Juvenile
Child's Play
Kids' Choice Clothing
Small Fry Duds
Scuffs and Scrapes
Paradise Plaza
Dead Rising
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For the Dead Rising 2 weapon, see Robot Bear.

The Stuffed Bear is a weapon in Dead Rising, found in toy stores and children's clothing stores.

When a zombie is hit with a stuffed bear, it does not fall down. It is commonly found in toy stores like Child's Play. It is not a very powerful weapon and its attack speed is very slow. It is best when thrown because it is capable of hitting a lot of zombies at once.

It cannot be stored in Frank's inventory. Its durability can be increased with the Hobby book. 

 Attacks Edit

  • Primary: Tap the 360 X button button to swing the stuffed bear. Tap the 360 X button button in succession to perform a nine hit combo, with each hit dealing the same damage.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Righttrigger trigger to go into aim mode then press the 360 X button button to throw the stuffed bear.


Dead rising bear

Dead Rising 2 start cutscene bear

*The stuffed bear is shown in Lost Planet 2 as an unlockable clothing item in multi-player.
  • A robotic version of this item is found in Dead Rising 2.
  • A blue version of it can be seen in the Dead Rising 2 "Welcome to Fortune City" start cutscene, although it can not be found in-game.


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