Stun Gun
Dead rising Stun Gun
Type Firearm
Damage 50 (Primary)
125 (Thrown)
Uses 100% Charge
Location Cardboard Box
Wielded by Jo Slade
Dead Rising
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DR 023 The Artiste
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The Stun Gun is a weapon in Dead Rising.

It is a small self-defense weapons that can kill a zombie in one jolt. It is often found in cardboard boxes. The weapon starts with a charge level of 100%, and decreases as Frank uses it on enemies.

Jo Slade, a psychopath, uses this weapon to knock Frank out temporarily, leaving him twitching on the ground, and assaults her hostages with it. When she is killed, it can be found next to her body.

Survivors cannot use this weapon.

When thrown, it will do minimal damage, but the stun gun will lose 50% of its power level.[Verification needed]

It is a great weapon to fight psychopaths, since they will remain stationary after the first jolt. Keep X pressed, and quickly killing them.


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