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Submachine Gun (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Submachine Gun
Type Firearm
Damage 75 (Primary)
112 (Headshot)
Uses 100 shots
Location Paradise Plaza
Maintenance Tunnels
Al Fresca Plaza
Entrance Plaza
Leisure Park
Food Court
Play Park
Dead Rising
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The submachine gun is a weapon in Dead Rising.

The submachine Gun is rare to find, as it is placed in high and difficult to reach places. It has a medium amount of power, kills easily, and is very fast. The gun closely resembles a Micro Uzi.

A headshot will instantly kill any zombie.

Attacks Edit

  • Primary: Pressing Template:Xbutton without aiming will result with Frank spraying the gun in the direction he is facing.
  • Thrown: Holding down Righttrigger and pressing Template:Xbutton will make Frank shoot the gun in the middle of the crosshair seen while aiming.


Plaza Location Explanation
Dead rising hidden machine gun and dumbbell in al fresca fountain Al Fresca Plaza Submerged in the fountain along with a Dumbbell.
Dead rising entrance plaza hidden items Entrance Plaza Hidden in a palm tree next to the escalator Stand near the railing next to the palm tree and perform Frank's Somersault Kick move (while standing still, Press Abutton to jump, then immediately press X to get on top of the railing). While on the railing, step back one step so that Frank turns then jump to the palm tree in the distance. Frank will grab onto the side of the palm tree. One of the palm trees has three grapefruits and one of them has the sub-machine gun on top. Jump to the slim platform that the columns below are connected to in order to reach the other palm trees.
Dead rising submachine gun above chriss Food Court Italian mascot sign near the south entrance to Chris' Fine Foods Jump on the railing to the left side of the sign near. Jump to the platform with the Italian mascot sign. The gun is in front of the Italian mascot on top of the letter "C".
Leisure Park To the right of the entrance to the parking lot/car park. Look for the largest tree in that area, the middle tree. Look up into the tree to see a sub-machine gun lying on the lowest branch. Toss an item at the sub-machine gun to make it fall down.
Maintenance Tunnel Maintenance Tunnel Warehouse Behind some metal drums. This room is also where the Maintenance Tunnel Key is found and where Brad and Carlito will fight in Case 7-2: Bomb Collector
Dead rising paradise plaza machine gun Paradise Plaza Blue awning above Shoekin's. Jump from the right staircase to the blue awning above Kid's Choice Clothing. Follow the blue awning all the way around to the very end. Frank will run past a cardboard box, stuffed bear, and orange juice. The sub-machine gun will be at the very end. See Case 1-2 for more detailed instructions.
Dead rising submachine gun wonderland plaza Wonderland Plaza Roof of the north yellow playhouse Ride the Space Rider ride. Jump off onto the roof of the north yellow playhouse in the playground area. Frank has to jump fairly soon after getting on the ride.


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