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"Since the school downsized several years ago due to declining enrollment, at least one classroom is believed to be used periodically by illegals looking for sanctuary from the law"
—Smartglass Description

Sunset Hills High School is a location in Dead Rising 3

It can first be accessed by jumping onto a school bus in the front parking lot and climbing into the open window. It is one of the safe zones used by the illegals, and once it has been cleared out during Chapter 3, it can also be used as a safe house. The back entrance can be accessed by going through the back of the school once it has been unlocked as a safe house.

The Tattoo Kit for Lauren can be found in the basement. There is a Frank Statue in the back of the school on a staircase. The school is the first area where Nick encounters the Football Player Zombie. The blueprint for the Flaming Sword can be found here.



  • The high school is where the Fallen Angel DLC starts. It shows many of the illegals taking refuge at the high school before the military shows up and before it becomes overrun by zombies.