Sunshine in Plane
Weapon Assault Rifle
Location Ingleton
Mission(s) Locate Sunshine
PP 10,000

Sunshine is a character in the Dead Rising 3 DLC Operation Broken Eagle.

He is one of the surviving members of Adam Kane's unit. He is standing on top of the crashed prison bus in Ingleton, near the plane wreckage. When rescued, he will follow Kane and act as a posse member, much like the survivors in the main game do.

Rescuing him and the Dutch will unlock the Live to Fight Again achievement.


  • Although he is very respectful to Kane when speaking to him, he can sometimes speak out when he is following as a posse member. When asked to follow repeatedly, he will say "I heard you!" in an irritated tone. If a gun is pointed at him, he'll say "don't point that thing at me!"
  • In the beginning cinematic for Operation Broken Eagle, most of the unit is seen with masks and helmets, hiding their faces. The Dutch and Sunshine, however, expose their faces. This is likely done for gameplay reasons, seeing as they are the only two survivors.
  • He is used for the Live to Fight Again achievement.


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