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Survivors are human characters who have survived the zombie outbreak and are still alive when encountered. They require assistance to get to a safe hideout in order to await rescue. Most survivors are found in scoops in Dead Rising or missions in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case West, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Dead Rising 3, and are not associated with the cases. Survivors can be recruited and escorted to a safe location for Prestige Point bonuses, as well as other rewards.

Many of the survivors require rescue from the zombies and may require assistance traveling, either because they are too badly injured, too elderly, or too drunk, (or in one case, because they're wearing an outfit that constrains their legs). Some can only be recruited after certain conditions are met, for instance, fulfilling a task or bringing along another survivor. After survivors are recruited, they can mostly be given weapons and food and can be directed to particular locations. Under some conditions, survivors may defect and refuse to be escorted any more. Once escorted to a safe location, the survivors will remain there. However, in Dead Rising 2: Case West, the survivors are employees of the Phenotrans Facility and know their way around, so they do not need escorting to a safe location after helping them out.

At the end of each playthrough, when the respective rescue arrives, the number of survivors rescued will be tallied and will account for an additional Prestige Point bonus.

In Dead Rising 3, survivors are more independent and don't need to be escorted to a safe house. Their improved AI allows them to defend better against the zombies and even scavenge for supplies. They often appear as side missions, that when completed, they may join in as posse members or have a different fate. However, many survivors are found surrounded by zombies, and need to be rescued, although they don't need to be escorted.

Dead Rising[]

For a detailed article about survivors in Dead Rising, see Dead Rising Survivors.
See also Connie and Dakota in the introduction cutscene.

The Dead Rising survivors are characters who are still alive when encountered during the Willamette Incident. Many of them are residents of Willamette, and have been caught up in the zombie outbreak. They are found at various locations around the Willamette Parkview Mall. Once rescued and brought back to the Security Room, they await rescue by Ed DeLuca's helicopter. However, when the Special Forces arrive, Otis stole a Military Helicopter and saved all the survivors Frank had rescued by taking them to a safe area and evacuated them from Willamette.

DR 022 Photojournalist DR 032 Transmissionary DR 031 Snuff Shot J DR 030 Snuff Shot B DR 010 Frank the Pimp DR 049 5 Day Survivor DR 024 Group Photo
Frank West Otis Washington Jessica McCarney Brad Garrison Russell Barnaby Isabela Keyes Jeff Meyer
20 Natalie Meyer DR 035 Freefall 25 Sophie Richards DR 019 Item Smasher 27 Aaron Swoop 28 Leah Stein 30 Greg Simpson
Natalie Meyer Bill Brenton Sophie Richards Burt Thompson Aaron Swoop Leah Stein Greg Simpson
31 Yuu Tanaka 32 Shinji Kitano 33 David Bailey 34 Tonya Waters DR 026 Census Taker 37 Josh Manning 38 Barbara Patterson
Yuu Tanaka Shinji Kitano David Bailey Tonya Waters Ross Folk Josh Manning Barbara Patterson
RichAtkins 40 Heather Tompkins DR 045 Unbreakable 42 Gordon Stalworth DR 018 Gourmet 44 Jennifer Gorman 46 Kay Nelson
Rich Atkins Heather Tompkins Pamela Tompkins Gordon Stalworth Ronald Shiner Jennifer Gorman Kay Nelson
47 Lilly Deacon 48 Kelly Carpenter 49 Janet Star 50 Sally Mills DR 011 Full Set 55 Wayne Blackwell 56 Jolie Wu
Lilly Deacon Kelly Carpenter Janet Star Sally Mills Nick Evans Wayne Blackwell Jolie Wu
57 Rachel Decker 58 Floyd Sanders DR 042 Sharp Dresser 61 Ray Mathison 62 Nathan Crabbe 63 Michelle Feltz 64 Beth Shrake
Rachel Decker Floyd Sanders Kindell Johnson Ray Mathison Nathan Crabbe Michelle Feltz Beth Shrake
DR 025 Portraiture 66 Gil Jimenez DR 034 Outdoorsman DR 041 Karate Champ AlyssaLaurent DR 029 PP Collector 71 Mindy Baker
Cheryl Jones Gil Jimenez Brett Styles Jonathan Picardsen Alyssa Laurent Paul Carson Mindy Baker
72 Debbie Willett DR 040 Zombie Road DR 012 Humanist DR 09 Tour Guide DR 039 Stunt Rider
Debbie Willett Leroy McKenna Susan Walsh Simone Ravendark Tad Hawthorne

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero[]

For a detailed article about survivors in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, see Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Survivors.

The Case Zero survivors are characters who are still alive when encountered during the Las Vegas Outbreak. Some of them are residents of Still Creek, while others are refugees from Las Vegas who have been forced into hiding. They are found at various locations around the town. Once rescued and brought back to the Brockett Gas Station, they await military rescue. When the military arrives, all are evacuated and taken in for screening and treatment.

PortraitArchieEaton PortraitBobBlackrock PortraitFaustoVargas PortraitJasonWong PortraitDarcieBlackrock PortraitGeminiVargas PortraitNikkiValentino
Archie Bob Fausto Jason Darcie Gemini Nikki
PortraitSharonRiesinger PortraitTiaHernandaz PortraitDickJones PortraitKateyGreeneDR2
Sharon Tia Dick Katey

Dead Rising 2[]

For a detailed article about survivors in Dead Rising 2, see Dead Rising 2 Survivors.

The Dead Rising 2 survivors are characters who are still alive when encountered during Fortune's End. Many of them are visitors, vacationers, or employees of Fortune City, and have been caught up in the zombie outbreak. They are found at various locations around the city. Once rescued and brought back to the Fortune City Emergency Shelter, they await military rescue. However, military rescue fails due the release of the gas on Phenotrans part that mutates the zombies, allowing them to overcome the soldiers. With a failed military rescue, Rebecca Chang's news station is called in the end to send a fleet of helicopters to evacuate the survivors from the city.

PortraitChuckGreeneCW PortraitBibiLoveDR2 PortraitCindaSmith PortraitStaceyForsytheDR2 PortraitWalterMorris PortraitRichardKellyDR2 PortraitAndyTalbat
Chuck Bibi Cinda Stacey Walter Richard Andy
PortraitRoyceStJohn PortraitKennethWalshDR2 PortraitChrystalKennedy PortraitAndyTalbat PortraitLillianPayneDR2 PortraitSvenBlaaborg PortraitLuzPalmer
Royce Kenneth Chrystal Lillian Esther Sven Luz
PortraitLaShawndraDawkins PortraitAllisonPerkins PortraitChadElchart PortraitCurtisEllenton PortraitDeanWayne PortraitJohnBoog PortraitRayTeller
LaShawndra Allison Chad Curtis Dean John Ray
PortraitBrianScherbey PortraitLennyMooney PortraitJaredDavisDR2 PortraitGordonDawkins PortraitElrodBumpkins PortraitMichaelWoo PortraitJanusRazo
Brian Lenny Jared Gordon Elrod Michael Janus
PortraitRandolphAllen PortraitKevinMeyers PortraitBillMontagu PortraitVikkiTaylor PortraitBrittanyBeck PortraitTerriGlass PortraiAllenAsh
Randolph Kevin Bill Vikki Brittany Terri Allen
PortraitJeannaSlick PortraitLinetteWatkinsDR2 PortraitTamaraStein PortraitBessieKent PortraitWillaHarris PortraitSummerChavez PortraitCamillePayne
Jeanna Linette Tamara Bessie Willa Summer Camille
PortraitTammyBlaine PortraitLuluBarraDR2 PortraitKristinHarrisDR2 PortraitKateyGreeneDR2 PortraitDorisElchart PortraitDanniBodineDR2 PortraitJuanLee
Tammy Lulu Kristin Katey Doris Danni Juan
PortraitKirbyWilkinson PortraitWadeCoopwood PortraitJasperSanford PortraitCoraRussel PortraitWoodrowRutherfordDR2 PortraitTrixieLynnHorton PortraitJackEllisDR2
Kirby Wade Jasper Cora Woodrow Trixie-Lynn Jack
PortraitRaymondSullivan PortraitRosaCollins PortraitEricaMayes PortraitMatthewKuss PortraitRebeccaChang PortraitNinaSuhr PortraitFloydStone
Sullivan Rosa Erica Matthew Rebecca Nina Floyd
PortraitStuartHolmes PortraitEuropaWestinghouse PortraitCameronWelchDR2 PortraitWallaceHertzog PortraitJonathonKilpatrick PortraitLanceWilliams PortraitAnimWhiteDR2
Stuart Europa Cameron Wallace Johnny Lance Anim
PortraitSkylarAli PortraitKristopherBookmiller PortraitGretchenPeregrine PortraitDenyceCalloway PortraitSnowflakeDR2 PortraitJacobSkinner PortraitNevadaSlimDR2
Skylar Kris Gretchen Denyce Snowflake Jacob Nevada

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record[]

In Frank West's storytelling of how he would have handled Fortune's End, most survivors from Dead Rising 2 return while a few do not. For those who do appear, they are replaced by five new survivors, in addition to three new Arena victims. Due to the game being non canon, it is unknown whether these survivors actually exist in the Dead Rising universe.

PortraitOscarDingmanOTR PortraitDaleKerpanOTR PortraitJuliusReinkeOTR PortraitTomomiMiyamoto PortraitDeidreSanchez PortraitEricMasters PortraitEarvinGooding PortraitMarcCooper
Oscar Dingman Dale Kerpan Julius Reinke Tomomi Miyamoto Deidre Sanchez Eric Masters Earvin Gooding Marc Cooper

Case West Survivors[]

Dead Rising 2: Case West survivors are mostly Phenotrans employees, due to the fact that they know the Facility the don't require being escorted to the safe house. Following the Destruction of the facility the survivors successfully escaped the facility and were not killed in the explosion.

DR2 CaseWest Profile 05P DR2 CaseWest Profile 07P DR2 CaseWest Profile 08P DR2 CaseWest Profile 12P DR2 CaseWest Profile 10P DR2 CaseWest Profile 06P DR2 CaseWest Profile 13P
Hernando Arisa Lisa Hersey Regina Dee Robert Staymore Mizuki Tanahara Alicia Hobbes Allie Jack
DR2 CaseWest Profile 09P DR2 CaseWest Profile 11P PortraitFrankWestCW PortraitChuckGreeneCW
Jerry Sampson Dean Templeton Frank West Chuck Greene

Dead Rising 3[]

For a detailed article about survivors in Dead Rising 3, complete article in Dead Rising 3 Survivors.

The Dead Rising 3 survivors are characters who are still alive when encountered during the Los Perdidos Outbreak. Many of them are residents of Los Perdidos, and have been caught up in the zombie outbreak. They are found at various locations around the city. Those survivors don't need to be escorted to a safe house; they can join in as posse members and be ordered to attack zombies and search for supplies. Nick escaped with the survivors, he had rescued, Chuck, Annie, Isabela and Dick along with the rescued survivors all board the plane together after this and fly out of Los Perdidos. Later Nelson and Cora, along with her patients, Gary and Rhona rounded everyone up and evacuated the survivors from the city.

Anna Stats Ravi Stats Simon Stats
Anna Hong Ravi Uppal Simon Merkin
Christine Stats Alejandra Stats Troy Stats
Christine Emerie Alejandra Garcia Troy Glover
Jesse Stats Carrie Stats Kandy Stats
Jesse Miller Carrie LeCroix Kandy
Eric Stats Julia Stats Dwayne Stats
Eric Martinez Julia Slyde Dwayne Pike
Jorge Stats Kelsey Stats Warren Stats
Jorge Ruiz Kelsey Louise Warren Anderssen Jr.
Marcus Stats Jose Stats Lena Stats
Marcus Wolfe Jose Morales Lena Polichev
Doug Stats Lauren Stats Winnie Stats
Doug Trent Lauren Staples Winnie Lee
Kenny Stats Regina Stats Adam Stats
Kenny Dermot Regina Thompson Adam Daley