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"Thank you so much, young man. I'm sorry I don't have any hard candy for you."
—Susan, on being rescued

Susan Walsh is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

She is found on top of the giant soccer ball in Wonderland Plaza during the unmarked scoop The Woman Left Behind. She is an elderly woman who requires help walking.

The Woman Left Behind[]

Main article: The Woman Left Behind

Susan is found stranded on top of the giant soccer ball in Wonderland Plaza, surrounded by a crowd of zombies. When Frank West rescues her and offers to bring her to the Security Room, she thanks him for being a polite boy.

She is too old to run for long, and will require Frank to hold her hand to help her walk.

Infinity Mode[]

Main article: Infinity Mode

In Infinity Mode, Susan appears in the Warehouse from 0:00:00 to 0:07:00 and is already dead upon discovery next to a Handbag. She drops a pack of cookies, a frying pan, a Paint Can, a bag of Pet Food, and a Step Ladder.


  • She is the oldest character in Dead Rising.
  • There is a pattern to Susan's movement. First she runs, then she will stop to take a breath, then she will walk, and then she will start to run again.
  • In Chop Till You Drop, completion of The Woman Left Behind and rescuing Susan rewards Frank with a heavy machine gun and $50,000.
  • If an upskirt photo of Susan is taken, the target markers will register as the Horror genre instead of Erotica because of her age.
  • She is best when equipped with a handbag.
  • Her icon is used for the Humanist achievement.
    • She is the only survivor who's appears on a icon for saving survivors that can actually be saved, as the other survivors who's icons are used die in the introduction.
  • Her dialogue implies that she has several prosthetic limbs, but her model does not reflect this.
    • This is likely a matter of bad translation, as she's likely referring to medical implants on her hip bone and joints, which is common with elderly people and especially common in older women who suffer osteoporosis, as their hips become brittle and require implants. The aids helps them move again, but they're often slower as a direct result of their condition.
  • The name of her scoop implies she had been abandoned where Frank found her.
  • In Infinity Mode she and Lindsay Harris are the only survivors to appear already dead.
  • Susan and Lindsay share similar hair models.


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