Swept Away
Dead rising Swept Away
Store Number N101
Location Silver Strip
Survivor(s) Danni Bodine
Emanuel Tugman
Randy Tugman
Mission(s) Here Comes the Groom
"Tie the knot with that special someone and launch your new adventure into love and life, together."
Fortune City Map

Swept Away is a Silver Strip wedding chapel in Dead Rising 2 on the Silver Strip. Before the zombie outbreak, it was a location for quickie marriages, available for only $19.99. Swept Away is locked and cannot be accessed until the mission Here Comes the Groom.

The chapel is where Randy Tugman has captured Danni Bodine and is forcing her into marriage in the mission Here Comes the Groom. Randy Tugman, an obese man in a fetish costume wielding a Giant Pink Chainsaw, is holding his father hostage along with Danni, a woman in wedding attire. He forces his father to marry them. Danni tries to escape, but is held back and told by Randy not to worry, looking in the direction of a dead bride, who he claims meant nothing to him. While Chuck enters the chapel, Randy's father shouts in relief. But before Chuck can save him, Randy disembowels him with his chainsaw, then attacks Chuck for ruining his big day.

After Chuck defeats him, Randy falls to the floor in agony. The dead bride, now a zombie, walks towards him, and Randy thinks it's Danni, and tells "Danni" they would be happy together if everything went great, Randy realized it was the dead bride he killed, shortly before being eaten. Chuck then saves Danni and escorts her to the Safe House.



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