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The TIR Uniform is clothing found in Dead Rising 2.

Chuck is seen wearing it before competing in the Terror Is Reality gameshow before the outbreak.

It is obtained by earning $5,000,000 total through ranked matches of Terror is Reality online. Only the yellow outfit is unlocked. This does not need to be all earned in one consecutive session, nor do you have to keep the money without cashing out. Simply earning five million dollars total will unlock this uniform. After it is unlocked, the player can find it in the locker at the Safe House restroom.


  • In the items.txt PC game file, this outfit is called "TIROutfittDispenser" and "TirOutfitDispenser".
  • The TIR Uniform was featured in "Monster Hunter: Frontier" as available costume. Those who bought a japanese copy of "Dead Rising 2" were given either a redeemable Xbox360/PC code to receive it. It's even more stranger that the costume's female variant make it's first appearance in the game as well.
  • When Chuck is wearing the outfit before the show, he isn't wearing gloves. And never puts on a pair, despite obviously wearing them in game.