TK's Helicopter Pilot is a hired mercenary working for Tyrone King and serves as a boss in Dead Rising 2. He reappears with the same role in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record in Case 6-1: The Getaway.

The pilot flies the helicopter while Tyrone mans the mini-gun, and together they work to defeat Chuck and attempt to escape.

Case 5-2: The GetawayEdit

In Case 5-2: The Getaway, Tyrone King will try to escape Fortune City via his helicopter and Chuck must stop him. When he arrives at the hotel rooftop, Tyrone will board the helicopter and his henchman will man the mini-gun. As the helicopter pilot begins to fly away, Chuck stops it by hooking a nearby crane's cable to the underside. Unable to break free, the pilot uses the helicopter as a weapon and attempts to kill Chuck by swinging the crane at him, while the bodyguard shoots from the mini-gun.

Chuck is able to damage the helicopter's blades that it causes a crash, in which Tyrone will be thrown out of the chopper as it erupts into a fireball, killing the bodyguard and pilot inside. As money rains down on the rooftop, Chuck and Rebecca take Tyrone into custody back at the Safe House.

Battling the helicopterEdit

In order to destroy the helicopter and stop TK from escaping, Chuck must avoid the mini-gun and the swinging crane. In order to bring down the helicopter, Chuck must activate the crane once its light is green. Doing so will pull down the helicopter in which Chuck can toss one of the many items on the rooftop into the blades. Doing so several times will deplete its health and send the helicopter crashing.

It is crucial for Chuck to avoid the mini-gun, which sends bullets out in a straight path very rapidly. Also, after every time Chuck throws an object into the helicopter's blades, the chopper will accelerate in a circle around the rooftop, causing the crane to swing very fast, which could knock Chuck over and hurt him. The dodge-roll skill is very useful in avoiding these two attacks.

Guns and grenades can be used to damage the helicopter. If Chuck runs out of bullets or grenades, simply use the items on the rooftop to destroy the helicopter by throwing them into blades once the crane has been activated.



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