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"Chuck, some people hacked into our emergency lines. They are under attack by the zombies. They said something about Tape it or Die. I'm not sure what that all means."
Stacey Forsythe

Tape It or Die 2 is a Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record mission. If Chuck completed Tape It or Die 1 on day three, on day four Stacey will call Chuck about four survivors surrounded by zombies in KokoNutz Sports Town.

In Dead Rising 2, the mission starts at 9:15 AM of the fourth day (15 minutes after the military set off towards Fortune City, and 45 minutes before they arrive), but it will be available only if Chuck completed the previous mission, Tape It or Die 1. If Linette's Passage is unavailable, it is extremely difficult, perhaps impossible, to get them to the Safe House before the military arrives. In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the mission starts at 8:00 AM, allowing for more time to get them to the Safe House before the military arrives.


Upon arrival, Chuck will find the four on the first floor fighting zombies. After Chuck helps the four survivors defeat the zombies he learns that while the party was looking for a Fire Extinguisher, Jonathan Kilpatrick forgot the keys inside the backroom. Since they now have no safe house anymore, the four survivors agree to follow Chuck back to the Safe house.

Once back at the safe house:

Mission Dialogue[]

See Tape It or Die 1#Mission Dialogue


  • Wallace carries a power drill. Instead of a stabbing motion like Chuck, he unnaturally swings the drill like a Baseball Bat.
  • In the PC file missions.txt this mission is called TapeItOrDie.
  • If Linette's Passage is not unlocked and players want to get a good ending, it is best to let this case expire and stay at the Safe House until the military arrives.
  • The Case Zero and Dead Rising 2 file with all the text in the game is nearly identical, one change is this:
    • Case Zero: Thank god you came back. Wallace yelled "fire", so we all came out. Lance locked the keys inside and now we can't get back in.
    • Dead Rising 2: Thank god you came back. Wallace yelled "fire", so we all came out. Johnny locked the keys inside and now we can't get back in.[1]



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