Tape it or Die
Tape it or die
Type Website
Member(s) Gretchen
Johnny Pipes
"Left Hand" Lance
Wallace Hertzog
Location KokoNutz Sports Town
Affiliate(s) Pat Berkson
Summer Chavez
Chuck Greene
Madison Lainey
Adrian Lee
Jenny Slaten
Tamara Stein
Andy Talbat
Vikki Taylor
Ray Teller
Dean Wayne
Website(s) Tape it or Die

"We've got to stick together to survive."
Tape it or Die slogan

Tape it or Die is a website dedicated to educating people about combo weapons. They advocate the use of duct tape to craft traps and weapons such as Knife Gloves or the Paddlesaw. They have been criticized by CURE for their encouragement of violence against zombies.

Tape It or Die 1Edit

In Tape It or Die 1, the Tape it or Die team appear as survivors in Dead Rising 2 , Chuck can find them on the 3rd day (September 27) between 6am and 12pm in their hidden studio, located behind Kokonutz Sports Town in Palisades Mall. The locked door at the back will have the proper name and will be open. At first they won't come with Chuck, but Wallace will ask for the parts to make a Plate Launcher. When the parts are brought to him, he will make the weapon and give Chuck the combo card. Chuck will not be able to rescue them until Case 6.

Tape It or Die 2Edit

In Tape It or Die 2, Chuck will get a message that they are in trouble after their hideout is set on fire. Upon arrival, Chuck will find them on the first floor fighting zombies. From here, he will be able to escort them to the Safe House and in return he will be given two combo cards: the Blazing Aces and the Exsanguinator.


  • Even though the Tape it or Die team are Combo Weapon inventors, they will not accept any combo weapon from Chuck, similar to all survivors.


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