Tarquin is a looter running the Tinkerbox pawnshop in Dead Rising 2. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Tarquin is nowhere to be seen and his shop will remain closed until Chuck completes the mission, One Man's Trash.

It's likely Tarquin did not know of the impending eradication of the city and was most likely killed in the military firebombing after the survivors escaped.


  • Tarquin's name is only revealed when using a mod.[1]
  • Tarquin cannot be killed or injured, similar to the other looters running the pawnshops.
  • Tarquin's unused message when rescued is the same as Dean's: "You never forget your first kill, boy. But it gets easier each time."[2]
  • In the game credits, Tarquin, along with his fellow storekeepers, is credited as "Pawn Shop Looter", voiced by Chris Helsley.
  • According to Tarquin's bio, he served in the military and is a veteran. It is unknown if this is still canon information or if this was scrapped.
  • Tarquin is most likely his last name.



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