Television (Dead Rising)
Dead rising HDTV
Type Melee
Damage 250 (Primary 1 & 2)
500 (Primary 3 & 4)
1000 (Thrown)
Location Warehouse
Dead Rising
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A TV (television) is a weapon in Dead Rising. This is a standard definition TV. It's a heavy and deadly weapon. There are also HDTV flat screen televisions.[1]

Due to its large size it cannot put into Frank's inventory, and it is difficult to attack with.


  • Primary: Press Template:Xbutton to swing the TV. Tap the Template:Xbutton button in succession to perform a four hit combo, with the third and fourth hit dealing additional damage.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Righttrigger and press Template:Xbutton to throw the TV. The bulkiness of the TV comes in handy, as it is capable of knocking over large crowds of zombies.


Dead rising warehouse items (6)
* Throw the TV to make the glass explode with an incredible visual.[2]
  • If Frank kicks the television, he will grab his foot in pain.[Verification needed]
  • Frank holds a TV on the box art of Dead Rising.



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