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Xbox 360 PS3 PC Control[1]
X (No Item) Square (No Item) PC Mouse Left Click (No Item) Punch
X (With Item) Square (With Item) PC Mouse Left Click (With Item) Attack / Eat (Item Dependent)
X Hold (With Item) Square Hold (With Item) Hold PC Mouse Left Click (With Item) Secondary Attack (Item Dependent)
Ybutton Triangle Q Call Survivor
A Cross Space Jump
B Circle E Pick up / Use
Dleft L3 (Click) PC Mouse Wheel Neutral Center Camera
Bleft / Bright L1 / R1 1 / 3 Inventory Left / Inventory Right
Ltrigger L2 PC Mouse Right Click Ranged Mode
Ltrigger + Ybutton L2 + Triangle PC Mouse Right Click + Q Send Survivor
Ltrigger + X or Ltrigger + Righttrigger L2 + Square or L2 + R2 PC Mouse Right Click + PC Mouse Left Click or PC Mouse Right Click + E Throw item / Fire Projectile Weapon
Start Pstart ESC Pause
Back Pselect Tab Map Screen
Dup Pup 2 Unequip item
Ddown Pdown X Drop Current Weapon
Dright Pright C Answer Calls - Hold to access friends list
Dleft Pleft T Check Watch Screen

Old information

Dead rising 2 case 0 how to play
X Attack
Ybutton Talk/Command Survivor
B Pickup/Interact/Cancel
A Jump
Bright Cycle Inventory Right
Bleft Cycle Inventory Left
Righttrigger/R2 Attack (LT+RT will Throw Item)
Ltrigger Aim
Start Pause Menu
Back Map
Dleft/Pleft Move Chuck/Frank
Dright Rotate Camera
Dup Unequip Current Item/Weapon
Ddown Drop Current Item/Weapon
Dright N/A
Dleft Check Watch


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