The Coward
Dead rising the coward gordon (4)
Location McHandy's Hardware
Start Time Time iconSeptember 20th, 9am
Expires Time iconSeptember 20th, 3pm
Survivors Gordon Stalworth
PP 15,000 (Join)

30,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"There's somebody inside the home and garden shop in Al Fresca Plaza. I didn't get a good look at 'em, but I'm pretty sure it was a man. He looked really scared. He must be dealin' with some heavy stuff right now."
Otis Washington

The Coward is a scoop in Dead Rising.

It takes place in McHandy's Hardware in the Al Fresca Plaza on the morning of the second day. It involves a cowardly man, Gordon Stalworth, who needs some persuasion to take his chances outside.


Frank West finds Gordon Stalworth hiding behind the counter in the back of McHandy's Hardware in Al Fresca Plaza. He is terrified and refuses to respond coherently, only cowering in fear.

After Frank hits him once, he snaps out of his frightened state and starts listening. Frank demands that Gordon follow him back to the Security Room.


Dead rising gordon
Dead rising the coward gordon (4)

Frank: Hey...

Gordon: No. Get back!

Frank: It's too dangerous here. Move!

Gordon: Help me. I'm too young to die!

Frank: I know. That's why you've got to come with me.

Gordon: No! I cannot die! I cannot!

Frank hits Gordon

Gordon: Ahhh! S-S-Stay away from me!

Frank: Listen to me jerk!

Gordon: *sob*

Frank: You're comin' with me. I'll take you to safety. Understand.

Gordon: B-But...

Frank: You heard what I said. Let's go!

Gordon: Ok...[1]



  • In early builds of Dead Rising, this scoop is the first one that Otis calls about. However, the survivor appears inside of a "camera shop" in Wonderland Plaza (likely Philo's Photos).[2]


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