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"Those weirdoes in raincoats are grabbin' young people and takin' them to the movie theater off of Paradise Plaza. Save them!"
Otis Washington

The Cult is an unmarked scoop in Dead Rising and a named scoop in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

It takes place in Paradise Plaza in the afternoon of the second day. It involves the True Eye cult and its leader Sean Keanan, who are about to sacrifice a young woman, Jennifer Gorman.


When Frank visits Paradise Plaza on the afternoon of Day 2, he will stumble upon a strange gathering outside Jill's Sandwiches of many people dressed in yellow raincoats and green face masks, and an older man in a white robe.

The older man, Sean Keanan, stands over a bound woman. Sean claims that they must spill the woman's tainted blood to stop the zombie invasion in Willamette. He orders his minions to place Jennifer in a bloody wooden crate where she screams and pleads for help.

Just as he raises his sword, he notices Frank, who stands out among the crowd of cultists, and orders them to attack him, stating that he is another tainted person. He then flees, leaving an imprisoned Jennifer and a surrounded Frank to deal with the crazed people. Once the cult members have been killed, Jennifer can be freed and escorted to the security room.


Sean's ritual
Dead rising sean.png
Sean holds up a sword.

Sean: Behold! The end of the world is upon us! Death itself has overflowed upon this world, defiling us all!

A tied up girl screams as Frank watches from behind the cult group.

Sean: The only path to the salvation of the soul is the purging of the tainted blood!

The Raincoat Cult followers place the tied up girl in a box and close the lid. Sean walks up to the box and is just about to stab it, but then notices Frank in the distance

as he is taking pictures.

Sean: Ah. A nonbeliever in our midst.

Frank backs away as the raincoat cult members turn around and look at him)

Sean: If we are to achieve salvation, his blood must flow!

Sean points with his sword
Sean: He must be purged! Spill his blood! The blood of the heretic![1]


  • Though Sean Keanan is introduced in this scoop, he cannot be fought until the next day during the scoop A Strange Group.
  • During the cutscene, around 10 cultists can be seen around Jennifer. However, at the end of the cutscene, there are almost two dozen cultists.
  • If Frank happens to be captured by the cultists via sleeping powder, it may be difficult to rescue Jennifer before she dies.
  • Enter Paradise Plaza after 1pm on the second day with caution as Frank's entrance automatically triggers the scoop cutscene and at the end, Frank will spawn outside of Jill's Sandwiches to fight the cult members.
  • Be wary when bringing other survivors with Frank as they do not spawn with him when he enters Paradise Plaza (unless coming from the Leisure Park). For example, if Frank comes from the Entrance Plaza or the warehouse, or even straight from Wonderland Plaza, his survivors will spawn from those entrances and will run across the plaza to reach Frank, possibly getting stuck in hordes of zombies.
  • Theaters one, two, and five have several cult members inside
  • The hallway to theaters three, four, and five is blocked by cult members.



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