The Dilly Diner
Dilly Diner Exterior
Store Number SF101
Location Sunset Freeway 501
Survivor(s) Peter

Peter's Mother

Mission(s) Combine Two Weapons

The Dilly Diner is a location in Dead Rising 3.

It is the first safe house that is used by Dick, Annie, Rhonda, Nick, Peter and his mother. It is a truck stop diner that is located off of the Sunset Freeway 501.

The diner quickly becomes overrun after Nick returns there during Chapter 0 when Dick turns on a jukebox and alerts the zombies to their presence. Nick learns how to make combo weapons from Rhonda and is given the blueprint for the Sledge Saw.

Nick, Rhonda, Annie and Dick escape the diner, but Peter and his mother are killed. It is one of the restaurants that will be counted towards the Dine and Dash PP trial. If the player tries to return to the diner later, the front entrance is locked, but they can enter through the back door. 

During Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent, this is where Brad Park and the group of survivors escape to in order to be picked up and airlifted out of the city.



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