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Defeat Sullivan.

The Facts is a case in Dead Rising 2. It is the last case of 72 Hour Mode.

Chuck must defeat Raymond Sullivan.


Sullivan has escaped the Safe House and is fleeing Fortune City with the evidence that can clear Chuck's name. As the player enters the maintenance area in Royal Flush Plaza a countdown shows up on screen labeled: TIME UNTIL FIRE BOMB. A cutscene after the player exits the maintenance hallway shows Chuck running out into Royal Flush Plaza, calling Stacey, and telling her that he's lost Sullivan. An urgent message from Stacey eventually comes in on the transceiver, telling Chuck that she saw Sullivan heading for Fortune Park. If the player is beyond this, a message comes in, telling Chuck that Sullivan is trying to break open the locked elevators in the Yucatan Casino.

Chuck must travel to the Yucatan, find the open elevator located in the back near the restrooms, and take it to the roof. Exiting the elevator, Chuck is just below the rooftop where Sullivan is escaping. The player must move through the zombie infested room, up the stairs, and outside. A cutscene follows of Chuck confronting Sullivan, who is suiting up for a surface-to-air recovery or a Skyhook.

After the cutscene, the player must defeat Sullivan, who stays on top of the scaffolding and throws down flares which serve as targets for the plane's missiles. Sullivan also has a handgun, which he will draw when Chuck is near. If Chuck is on the scaffolding, Sullivan will fight and charge him with his bare hands. If the player attempts to attack Sullivan with a melee weapon, Sullivan will grab Chuck slam him to the ground. The equipped weapon will fall out of Chuck's hand and off of the scaffolding as well.

Upon defeating Sullivan, a cinematic shows the plane firing upon Chuck, who falls down next to Sullivan on the scaffolding. As Sullivan stands, Chuck attaches a carabiner, which is mounted to a railing, to Sullivan's belt. The plane hooks the balloon and Sullivan is killed. Chuck calls Channel 6 Action News and offers "the scoop of a lifetime" if they send rescue helicopters.

The helicopter comes and rescues the survivors in the safe house. Nobody has seen Chuck's daughter Katey, however, so Chuck goes back to the safe house to look for her.

Chuck enters the deserted Safe Room and only finds Katey's backpack. 72 hour mode ends and the credits roll.

Battling Sullivan Style[]


Depending if Chuck has given Tyrone King a dose of Zombrex, the events of Ending S or A will start right after the fight with Sullivan.

Ending S[]

Chuck will use Sullivan's discarded transceiver and call for help. The firebombing is subsequently withheld in order to carry out a rescue. When Chuck arrives back at the Safe House, he finds no sign of Katey or Stacey. Instead, he is greeted by the sound of TK taunting over the transceiver. This ending leads into Overtime, which will then begin after the credits.

Ending A[]

Chuck completes all cases and gives Katey her Zombrex, but doesn't give any Zombrex to TK. Like ending S, Chuck returns in a helicopter for Katey and Stacey, but as he goes to retrieve Katey's dropped backpack, he is pulled into an elevator by the zombified TK. He orders Stacey to leave him, and to look after his daughter. As the choppers lift up, Chuck is seen holding off the zombies in the elevator. His fate after this point remains unknown. This is the only A ending in the series to be the true ending, as it leads directly into Case West with Chuck fighting off the zombie TK.



  • There is a glitch that can occur when fighting Sullivan. If Chuck happens to be hit by a missile from the plane above, he can be thrown off the building and land in the space below the area the fight takes place, which is nothing but the sky texture, with no way get back up, forcing the player to load or quit.[2]
  • The plane sending missiles onto the rooftop may cause several gaping holes in which any zombie killed in the area will lie dead as if there was a floor, making it look like the zombie corpses are floating.
  • Sullivan may kill Chuck instantly through bug of a fist swing.




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  2. 10:00pm, May 21, 2011 User:Mistertrouble189 experienced this glitch while attempting to clear zombies to fight Sullivan.
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