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"I just saw a big dude carryin' a machete in that home store...Crislip's somethin' or other...He knows where the security cameras are and he's doing a good job of stayin' outta sight."
Otis Washington

The Hatchet Man is a scoop in Dead Rising.

It takes place in Crislip's Home Saloon in the North Plaza on the late morning of the second day. It involves a psychopathic Vietnam War veteran, Cliff Hudson, who has captured several survivors.


Frank arrives at Crislip's Home Saloon and finds several headless zombies suspended from the ceiling. A relapsed Vietnam War veteran Cliff Hudson then confronts him, demanding his name and military rank. When Frank fails to answer, Cliff accuses him of being a member of the Viet Cong and proceeds to attack him.

After he is defeated, Cliff returns to his senses and explains that he had gone insane after hearing the dying screams of his granddaughter as she was mauled by the undead. He dies and leaves the Machete which will now respawn in this store. He also gives Frank the Empty Store Key to rescue the survivors that are in the room to the right of the hardware store as Frank exits (N128).[1] The room also contains the Survival and Wrestling books. Frank then closes Cliff's eyes out of respect.

Frank is then able to free three survivors: Barbara Patterson, Josh Manning, and Rich Atkins. Though the trio are scared of Frank at first, they are calmed down and brought to the Security Room.


Battle Style[]


  • During the battle, the song being played is Slave by The Evolutionaries.[8][9]
  • If Frank kills one of the scoop survivors before speaking to them, they cannot be recruited. Even after Frank speaks to them, they will not respond.
  • As long as Frank is not in Crislip's Home Saloon, he can still be in the North Plaza to receive the call about Hatchet Man.
  • Mother Connie and daughter Dakota, from the beginning title screen cutscene, bear a striking resemblance to Cliff's daughter and granddaughter in the photo in his wallet.[10]
  • The hung decapitated bodies and blood streaked walls and floors are now permanent.
  • The fight between Frank and Cliff can be exploited and be over within little time, as the store where the fight takes place is a separate load area from North Plaza. Frank can exit the store, re-enter, attack Cliff head on as he will always charge at the player, and repeat, without his health replenishing.
  • In the Japanese version of the scoop the hung bodies do not have their heads decapitated.
  • Despite being one of the tougher psychopaths in the game his health is one of the lowest at 3,000



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