The Hatchet Man
Dead Rising Cliff Hudson
Location Crislip's Home Saloon
Start Time Time iconSeptember 20th, 8am
Expires Time iconSeptember 20th, 3pm
Survivors Rich Atkins
Josh Manning
Barbara Patterson
PP 10,000 (Psycopath Defeat)

15,000 (Join)
30,000 (Escort)

Psychopath(s) Cliff Hudson
Dead Rising
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"I just saw a big dude carryin' a machete in that home store...Crislip's somethin' or other...He knows where the security cameras are and he's doing a good job of stayin' outta sight."
Otis Washington

The Hatchet Man is a scoop in Dead Rising.

It takes place in Crislip's Home Saloon in the North Plaza on the late morning of the second day. It involves a psychopathic Vietnam War veteran, Cliff Hudson, who has captured several survivors.


Frank arrives at Crislip's Home Saloon and finds several headless zombies suspended from the ceiling. A relapsed Vietnam War veteran Cliff Hudson then confronts him, demanding his name and military rank. When Frank fails to answer, Cliff accuses him of being a member of the Viet Cong and proceeds to attack him.

After he is defeated, Cliff returns to his senses and explains that he had gone insane after hearing the dying screams of his granddaughter as she was mauled by the undead. He dies and leaves the Machete which will now respawn in this store. He also gives Frank the Empty Store Key to rescue the survivors that are in the room to the right of the hardware store as Frank exits (N128).[1] The room also contains the Survival and Wrestling books. Frank then closes Cliff's eyes out of respect.

Frank is then able to free three survivors: Barbara Patterson, Josh Manning, and Rich Atkins. Though the trio are scared of Frank at first, they are calmed down and brought to the Security Room.


Introducing Cliff
Dead rising cliff
Dead Rising hatchet man 6
Frank walks into Crislip's Home Saloon and looks up at the decapitated zombie bodies tied to the ceiling. Cliff steps up behind Frank.

Cliff: Name and rank soldier!

Frank turns around quickly to see a man drenched in blood holding a machete

Cliff: You cannot tell me, can you, fella? Oh yeah... I know why... It's because you're Viet Cong! I'm right, aren't I? You are nothin' but a filthy communist!

Cliff takes a swing at Frank with his machete. Frank dodges to the side then Cliff seems to disappear. Frank looks around but Cliff is nowhere to be found

Cliff: You son, are gonna to tell me where the gorilla's hideout is...

Frank walks around looking for Cliff as Cliff continues speaking from somewhere in the store

Cliff: By the time I'm done beatin' information outta you, you are gonna be beggin' for death to come take you away!

Frank continues to look around as he catches a glimpse of Cliff darting out from a shelf. Frank turn to hear footsteps behind him.[2]

Dead rising cliff
Dead rising hatchetman key (2)
Frank stands over Cliff's body.

Cliff: You... over there... Here... take this.

Cliff puts his wallet on the floor showing Frank a picture. Frank leans over Cliff's body.

Cliff: My granddaughter... She was done in by those damn zombies. When I heard her scream... I just lost it. Everything went white suddenly. The war... It wasn't over... Not for me... It... it never... ended...

Frank shuts Cliff's eyes.[2]

Battle StyleEdit

Dead rising cliff


Cliff Hudson is a very difficult psychopath.
Dead rising hatchetman (11)

Cliff impaling Frank with his Machete.

He often sneaks up on Frank from behind and impales Frank with his Machete.

Dead rising hatchetman (8)

Cliff's pipe bombs.

Cliff also drops flares and pipe bombs from on top of the shelves. The flares make Frank cough and stagger. Only being a far distance from Cliff or being on top of a shelf will save Frank from these pipe bombs.

Melee attack

As soon as the cutscene is over, Cliff will run up behind Frank and try to slash him with his machete, run forward to avoid this first strike. Then turn and hit cliff with Frank's strongest melee weapon for a few strikes, then run away before Cliff can retaliate with his Machete. Any melee attack will stun Cliff, but do not hit him more than once or he will assuredly strike back at Frank. Never try to hit Cliff immediately after getting up from one of his attack or he will try to knock Frank down a second time.[3]

Melee weapons

Effective melee weapons are the Katana found in Ripper's Blades down the hallway, and the Battle Axe. The best melee weapons is again the Small Chainsaw.

Chainsaw and Excavator

The normal chainsaw found in the store can be beneficial in defeating Cliff, but make sure that Frank starts it up while there is some distance between himself and Cliff. Only use running attacks with the chainsaw. Alternatively, the excavators found in the back corner of the store make handy weapons in a pinch. Rev up the weapon, and strike Cliff once and he will retreat back into the vent systems. Do this multiple times when he jumps down from the shelves to attack you. Remember though, with both the chainsaw and excavator, that getting hit by Cliff's attack or knocked down by his explosions will cause Frank to drop the heavy weapon.

Dead rising the hatchet man pp photo
Cliff's retreat and Photo Op

After Frank hits Cliff a few times, he will run to one of the access tunnel passages in the floor. The yellow Prestige Point icon appears over Cliff's head, indicating a Photo Op.[4]


Cliff will reappear on top of the shelves. He's immobile while he stands on the shelves, so he will not be able to move around for a better angle on Frank. Use the stacked boxes at the end of a shelf to climb up and scan the area above to locate him. Switch to a firearm and start shooting. When Frank jumps on the staked boxes, Cliff will jump down from the shelves and head for the next access tunnel or jump down and try to attack Frank. Keep shooting. Stay on top of the shelving units for as long as Frank has ammo for his firearms. If Frank runs out of ammo, switch to a close-range weapon, such as a Shotgun, then drop down and sweep the area from below.[5][6]


Shooting Cliff with a shotgun will cause him to drop to one knee and become stunned for a brief moment.[7] Retreat, wait for him to compose himself, and shoot him again. Keep doing this fire and retreat attack for an easy kill. If he gets too close to Frank, run away. If Frank keeps running Cliff will stop to attack which should give Frank enough distance to shoot him with the shotgun.

Luring Cliff out

The best way to get Cliff to come to Frank is to stand next to the many Shopping Carts near the entrance. Avoid the projectiles, and Cliff should eventually run to Frank.[3]

Alternatively, exit the store and then coming back in, Cliff will charge you, allowing Frank to get some melee hits.


There is no food in the store, but:

  1. There are 5 cardboard boxes in the store, including behind the cash register, which may have some food in them.[7]
  2. on the fountain outside the store, there is a Snack.
  3. in the fountain, there's a Cardboard Box, which could have food inside.
  4. the walkways have food on them, or Seon's Food & Stuff have infinite amounts of health.


  • During the battle, the song being played is Slave by The Evolutionaries.[8][9]
  • If Frank kills one of the scoop survivors before speaking to them, they cannot be recruited. Even after Frank speaks to them, they will not respond.
  • As long as Frank is not in Crislip's Home Saloon, he can still be in the North Plaza to receive the call about Hatchet Man.
  • Mother Connie and daughter Dakota, from the beginning title screen cutscene, bear a striking resemblance to Cliff's daughter and granddaughter in the photo in his wallet.[10]
  • The hung decapitated bodies and blood streaked walls and floors are now permanent.
  • The fight between Frank and Cliff can be exploited and be over within little time, as the store where the fight takes place is a separate load area from North Plaza. Frank can exit the store, re-enter, attack Cliff head on as he will always charge at the player, and repeat, without his health replenishing.



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