The Hunted
The Hunted Doug 2
Location South Almuda Train Repair
Industry Tunnel
North Bridge
Survivor(s) Doug Trent
Winnie Lee
Lauren Staples
PP 15,000 (Per Survivor)

The Hunted is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

Nick can complete the side mission during Chapter 6.

The mission is divided into three parts. Jamie will call about Doug Trent, Winnie Lee and Lauren Staples. Nick must individually rescue each.



Jamie calls about Doug Trent first. He says that Doug is being surrounded by Spec Ops over at South Almuda Station and needs help. When Nick arrives, he must clear out all the soldiers before Doug will join. When he does, he will become a posse member and can be recruited from the survivor board.


Next, Jamie calls about the "tattoed babe from earlier" under fire in the Industry Tunnel. Similar to Doug's situation, Lauren Staples is being surrounded by Spec Ops who are going to kill her. After defeating the Spec Ops, Nick can untie Lauren and recruit her.


After Lauren has been rescued, Jamie will call about the "hippie chick" taking fire on the North Bridge. Once Nick gets there, he must defend Winnie Lee from the Spec Ops and defeat them. Afterwards, Winnie will tell Nick that the military have been shooting illegals on site and will join Nick's posse.


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