The Illegals are one of many survivor factions in Dead Rising 3.

Illegals Safe Symbol

The Illegals symbol for safety, used to mark their territory.

The town of Los Perdidos is locked down and people who were infected have to register with the government. One group called "The Illegals" lives off the grid instead. The Illegals are infected with the virus. Legally, they are supposed to have a chip installed in them that has GPS tracking and it administers them a dose of Zombrex so they do not turn into a zombie. If an infected is given a dose, it alerts the government so they can control zombie outbreaks.

Illegals are people who reject that chip implant and do not want to sign up with the government, thinking that they have no right invading their privacy. They have to live outside of society and find their own Zombrex and stay alive in their own way.[1]



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