Royal Flush Plaza Uranus Zone 

The Man's Sport
Dead rising The Man's Sport
Store Number R103
Location Royal Flush Plaza
"Everything you need to get ripped under one roof. Man up and check out the X-Treme selection of The Man's Sport today!"
—Fortune City map description

The Man's Sport is a sporting goods store located in the Royal Flush Plaza in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

There is a "Test of Strength" machine that can be struck by a sledge hammer for a 5,000-PP bonus. There are also dummies that can each be punched for 1,000 PP.

In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, there is a store with the same name in Uranus Zone.



Dead Rising 2 Off the Record


Off the Record

  • Dead rising money icon $100


  • "Man up and let's get it on with a knockout selection of equipment guaranteed to make you a champion. We fully endorse the violence of mixed MMA, boxing, TiR and all other contact sports." -- Fortune City Website Advertising.[1]
  • The mannequins in the store are called SparDummy (Spar Dummy) in items.txt. The have attack animations for Chuck, but cannot be picked up.



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