The Prawp Family
The Prawps Outside
Location West Ridge
"Home to a family of consummate consumers, this household bears the weight of their extensive movie and memorabilia collection."
—Map Description

The Prawp Family is a location in Dead Rising 4.

The home of the Prawp family who lived in West Ridge prior to the outbreak. There is a Zombie Graffiti Tag on the wall in the upstairs bedroom. There is a panic room at this location, with the key being found inside the house in the living room.


Main House

Panic Room


Main House

Panic Room


Movie Posters Edit

  • The Willamette Incident
  • Maniac Martha
  • Blast Blaze
  • T-Bone's Holiday
  • Gruesome Girls
  • Absolute Magnitude

Trivia Edit

  • Prawp is a play on words of the word "Prop."

Gallery Edit

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