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"People not been very good to me. Not like Snowflake. Snowflake my friend."
—Ted, on Snowflake

Theodore "Ted" Smith is a psychopath in Dead Rising 2, appearing in the unannounced mission Fresh Meat. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

He is a mentally unstable tiger tamer, who keeps his tigress Snowflake with him and feeds her survivors.

Fresh Meat[]

Main article: Fresh Meat

Before the zombie outbreak in Fortune City, Ted worked as a tiger trainer at the Yucatan Casino. He has an unspecified mental disability, leading to generally asocial behavior and impaired speech.

After the zombie outbreak, Ted devotes himself to feeding "fresh meat" to Snowflake, one of the Yucatan's Bengal tigers. Mocked his whole life because of his weight and low intelligence, he considers the tigers he trains to be his only friends, and becomes extremely angry if he believes someone is making fun of him, especially if it’s his size or his intelligence.

As Chuck Greene enters the Yucatan Casino he will spot a man named Lenny Mooney, however the man quickly takes off while Ted brands Chuck "fresh meat" and knocks him unconscious. He will then drag Chuck to Snowflake. Chuck tells him that he will find fresh meat for Snowflake and tries to calm him down. He tells him to take it "Nice and slow", which Ted interprets as being called "slow", most likely believing Chuck is describing him as being mentally retarded. This enrages Ted, who tells Snowflake to eat Chuck, prompting a fight. After he is defeated, he will crawl to a statue and then calls out to Snowflake to eat him as his dying wish, before succumbing to his wounds.


Ted is a rather easy opponent, much more so compared to his companion, Snowflake. He only has a Handgun and some unique melee attacks.

Typically, he will start the battle moving towards Chuck, predominantly trying to punch at him, and will rely primarily on Melee attacks for most of the battle, providing quite a range of possibilities for defeating him. Quick weapons, such as the Knife Gloves, are effective against Ted for their speed and power, though heavy weapons like the Defiler are also rather effective. The Driller will stunlock and kill Ted rather quickly so you don't have to worry about Snowflake. If Chuck has trouble fending off the double threat from Snowflake, retreating into Baron Von Brathaus, across from Snowflake's habitat will separate the two, as Snowflake cannot enter this area.

Systematically wearing Ted down with typical attacks and run-and-gun maneuvers work well, though Snowflake is another story altogether.

Another very easy strategy (even without DLC and being level 1 in single player) is to simply pick up the Fire Axe near where you start the fight and quickly run up to him and whack at him a couple of times. Do it quick enough and Snowflake won't return in time to help him. 


  • If Chuck tames Snowflake before killing Ted, Ted will continue to attack Chuck, but he will also attack Snowflake. Unfortunately, Snowflake will ignore him.
    • When Ted is killed like this, the cutscene will trigger, and after it the game continues normally. Also, Snowflake will NOT defect.
  • Ted's psychopath music is Narrow Escape by Celldweller.
  • Both Ted and the survivor Lenny might be references to the mentally challenged Lennie Small from Of Mice and Men.
    • He is also vaguely similar to Texas Chainsaw Massacre antagonist Leatherface as both are mentally challenged villains and are both large in size. In the Remake, the Thomas Brown Hewitt version of Leatherface was bullied due to his speech and being mentally challenged. When Ted attacks Chuck/ Frank and takes him to Snowflake, this is somewhat similar to the character Kemper Sterling being attacked by Leatherface.
  • There is another survivor in Fortune City with the same surname as Ted, Cinda Smith. However, as "Smith" is the most common surname in the United States, it is unknown if there is a relation between the two characters, despite the fact they both worked within the Yucatan Casino.
  • Ted seems to have the AI of a defected survivor, as in most weapons will do considerable damage and zombies can grab him. As well, having Snowflake attack him in Off the Record does not count for the Tiger Tamer Achievement.
  • During the fight, it's possible for Ted to be pinned down by Snowflake, just as she would with the player.[Verification needed]
  • If Ted loses health, it'll be fully restored once you exit and re-enter the area.
  • Ted has a similar face model to Dean Wayne and Nevada Slim.
  • The Laser Sword (Gems and Flashlight) can kill him in seconds.
  • In Off the Record you can take a picture of his body for Brutality points.
  • Ted shares his first name with a psychopath from Dead Rising 3, Theodore Lagerfeld Jr..
  • He is one of the four psychopaths that have been discovered by unmarked missions, the other three are Snowflake, Cletus and the Convicts.
  • He might be an employee of Baron Von Brathaus, given that a whiteboard mentions that an employee has been caught feeding Snowflake leftovers.
  • Since Snowflake and Ted only appear on the first day of the outbreak and disappear from the rest of the game when TK's mercenaries arrive, there's a possibility that Ted and Snowflake may have been among the few psychopaths in the franchise who can be killed by another, different psychopath.
  • Ted can be attacked by zombies and even captured like a survivor. Still, he won't be killed by zombies, even if his health bar is 0.


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