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"Actually, you know what? I think I'm going to need a little down time. You know? All this talky-talk is's making me kinda sleepy. So I...I think I really need you to go now, OK?"
—Teddy, before summoning his helicopters

Theodore "Teddy" Lagerfeld Jr. is a psychopath in Dead Rising 3. He is one of seven psychopaths who embody the Seven Deadly Sins. Teddy's sin is Sloth.

Teddy is a lazy man who is so addicted to playing video games that he never knew about the zombie outbreak.[1] He's also the person holding the key to the armory at the police department.

When Nick Ramos wanders into Teddy's mansion, he finds Teddy on a monitor, asking Nick to fetch him some non-essential supplies. His mansion is filled with many elaborate toys and traps that Nick has to avoid to get to Teddy. [2]

Remotely Helpful[]

Main article: Remotely Helpful

Nick enters the Mayor's Mansion and Teddy greets him through a monitor, thinking he's from 'the service'. Teddy tells Nick to go to a store and get some batteries for his remote control and a bag of chips. Nick asks Teddy for the key to the armory, but Teddy is too lazy to do so. When Nick angrily asks him, an annoyed Teddy sends out remote control helicopters mounted with guns to drive him away.

Once Nick finds him, Teddy cries hysterically and begs for him to not hurt him, but he suddenly has a heart attack as a result of his excessive sedentary lifestyle. He slumps over in his chair and lets loose a long fart. As Nick tries to reach the key, Teddy lunges at him before dying for real, whilst letting out another fart. Nick then proceeds to grab the key and leave.

The Slothful achievement unlocks after he dies.

Battle Style[]

  • Teddy will send out a seemingly endless wave of remote-controlled helicopters to attack Nick/Dick as they wander through his mansion. These helicopters can shoot at the heroes if given the chance (much like the Scout Bots from Dead Rising), and there's nowhere in the mansion they can't reach. However, they can be taken out with about two or three hits with any weapon.
  • Teddy himself won't actually do anything to harm you, but he will continually moan over the intercom system as long as you're in his mansion.
  • Zombies also enter the mansion and slowly fill up the mansion.
  • If you quickly destroy all the power boxes to get to Teddy, there will not be so many helicopters and zombies around the mansion. However, if you were to take your time, more zombies and helicopters would fill up the mansion, making it tougher to finish the mission.


  • Teddy is the only psychopath in the Dead Rising series that has no health bar and dies. You don't even have the option to fight him as he dies of a heart attack when Nick meets him face to face.
  • Teddy is the only psychopath to be fought in his own home.
  • Teddy is similar to Bibi Love as they're both psychopaths who aren't meant to be directly attacked by the player.
  • Teddy's father is the Mayor of Los Perdidos. This could be a contributing factor to his lazy attitude. It's possible that his lazy attitude was a result of his father spoiling him.
  • Teddy shares his first name with a psychopath from Dead Rising 2Theodore Smith.
  • It is possible that Teddy has Nintenditis, also known as Nintendo Thumb (a fake illness that causes the sufferer to urinate and defecate themselves due to the inability to stop playing video games), due to the fact that there is what appears to be feces surrounding his chair. Since his sin is Sloth, this would make sense.
  • Teddy is one of the only psychopaths who doesn't even directly attack the player character, the other one being Bibi Love, as he lets his security system deal with Nick Ramos, and while Marian Mallon doesn't go face to face with Nick due to being disabled, she attacks him using robotic arms from a control panel.
  • Teddy's theme is a remixed version of Nick's theme, reflecting his concept of being themed around the concept of sloth, as his theme is just a heavily changed version of a pre-existing song while the other psychopaths have wholly original songs.
    • He and Isabela Keyes are the only psychopaths to have themes that are a remix of a pre-existing psychopath theme in the Dead Rising series, as Isabela's theme is a remix of Carlito Keyes' theme.
  • Executive producer Josh Bridge says that Teddy was one of the most difficult psychopaths to make in the game as the developers had to make the fight challenging and also make it match with the Deadly Sin of Sloth.
  • Teddy bears a shocking resemblance to actor Zach Galifianakis.
  • He shares his name with the french designer Karl Lagerfeld.
  • It's uncertain if Teddy is the only son of the mayor, as Dwayne Pike said the mayor's son ran off with the key to the armory, despite Teddy being shown as apathetic and over dependent on the servants. It could be that Teddy got the key at the start of the outbreak and is in denial, so he can resume his indolent lifestyle. Or, he wasn't as lazy as shown in the psychopath mission.
    • Alternatively, it's possible that this very limited amount of exercise put his heart at its stress limit, seeing how Nick confronting him face to face was enough to trigger a heart attack.



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