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"Like, thanks for the save, but I still have no idea how I'm going to tell my brother what happened."
—Tia, on Sharon's bite

Tia Hernandaz is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

She is found in the Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley with her friend Nikki Valentino during the mission The Morning After.

She has been separated from her future sister-in-law, Sharon Riesinger.

The Morning After[]

Main article: The Morning After

Chuck encounters Tia and Nikki in the Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley. He offers to escort the two women to the safe house, but they refuse to go anywhere without their friend Sharon. Tia then goes on to explain that the three of them went to Las Vegas for Sharon's stagette, since she was getting married the next day. Unfortunately, Sharon was bitten by one of the dancers but her friends were able to free her. The trio fled the city only to be stopped by the blockade, and the soldiers took Sharon away. Tia tells Chuck that he should search the Quarantine Zone to see if Sharon is still there.

Chuck finds Sharon at the military camp in one of the tents. She is still injured and asks for some Zombrex before going anywhere. Once injected with medicine, she then agrees to be brought to the bowling alley, where she is reunited with her friends. Once the three women are together, they are brought to the barricaded Brockett Gas Station. However, if Chuck brings Sharon to the gas station instead of to her friends, Tia and Nikki will agree to follow him anyway, albeit reluctantly.



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