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Tim Duggan is a victim appearing in Dead Rising 2 during the mission Code Blue. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role, though he is found in an alleyway on the Silver Strip.

Code Blue[]

Tim was injured by unknown causes and was found at the One Little Duck bingo hall. He was badly hurt and lost a lot of blood, to which efforts by the paramedic Sven Blaaborg failed as he dies from his wounds.

As Chuck arrives at location of the store he is in, "Tim Duggan is dead" will appear, confirming his death. It can be at any given time after Chuck enters the shop name trigger point, when the name of the shop appears onscreen.


Dead rising johnny k bust.png Dead rising kirby bust.png
  • Tim Duggan has the same picture in the notebook as Kirby Wilkinson, in addition to the same character model.
  • Tim has the same character model as Johnny Pipes.
  • Despite having the same last name as the Militia Men psychopath Derrick Duggan, no relationship is specified or even implied.
  • Tim is unique among victims, being the only victim to die during gameplay after a game's intro.
  • Unlike all the other survivors, Tim has no name in the main game PC files, items.txt and missions.txt. He is only referred to as "CodeBlue_corpse" in missions.txt and dean_corpse_attractor in items.txt.[1] This is consistent with the three corpses in WWJWD?, which have the names hangvictim_dead, hangvictim_dead1 and hangvictim_dead2.

Dead rising arena dead beginning of game.jpg
  • There are two dead Tim models in the Arena that use the name Dean in the game's files.

  • Strangely, the body of Tim Duggan has attack animations:

Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with
  1. Corpse Attractor
  2. corpse_attractor dean
  3. Mannequin_ Female
  4. corpse_attractor pa
  5. corpse attractor svr barra
  6. corpse attractor svr kerri
  7. 2 x 4
  1. Drill Motor
  2. Computer Case
  3. Corpse Attractor
  4. corpse attractor dean
  5. Keg
  6. corpse attractor pa
  7. Propane Tank
  8. Spool of Wire
  9. corpse attractor svr barra
  10. corpse attractor svr kerri



  1. Not to be confused with CPRCorpse, one of at least three dead TIR employee models.