Time for a Hero
Time for a Hero 4
Location Big Buck Construction Site
Survivor(s) Kenny Dermot
PP 20,000 PP

Time for a Hero is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

This side mission will appear during Chapter 3.


Nick finds a young survivor named Kenny Dermot cowering on a rooftop at the Big Buck Construction Site. Kenny is panicking, as he was not able to save anybody because he is too weak. Nick offers him words of encouragement, but Kenny still believes that he's useless.

He'll ask Nick to kill five zombies unarmed, to show his strength. If you haven't leveled up your melee abilities, soften a zombie up first by attacking it with a weapon, and then switch to your fists to finish it off.[1] If you've upgraded the Smarts and Melee attribute categories, killing zombies with your bare fists will be much easier to do.[2]

Afterwards, Nick will tell Kenny about creating combo weapons, and Nick will have to build one as a demonstration. The components for the Sledge Saw, Heavy Metal, and Electric Crusher are nearby, along with other options throughout the construction yard. Make any of these in front of Kenny to complete the objective. Kenny then praises Nick for his abilities, and starts to feel better about himself as well. Finishing his requests will net Nick with 20,000 PP.




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