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"Arigato. You show signs of strong fighter."
—Tomomi, after being rescued

Tomomi Miyamato is a survivor in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. She is found in the Underground beneath the Palisades Mall being attacked by thugs during the mission, Wax On Wax Off.

Wax On Wax Off[]

Frank is alerted that there is a woman being shot at in the Underground. Upon investigation, he finds Tomomi hiding under some shelves as a group of Tyrone King's mercenaries are shooting at her. After the goons are killed, Tomomi agrees to be evacuated to the Safe House, but will not accept any weapons, taking pride in being a world-class karate champion.

Case 7-4: Breach[]

In Case 7-4: Breach, when the shelter is breached, she is seen being attacked by a crowd of zombies.

it's unknown if she survived in the original timeline but it's possible she did escaped when the zombies were free from their cage.


  • Her mission is a reference to the movie "The Karate Kid".
  • Tomomi uses a unique crane kick attack as her primary unarmed combat move, possibly another reference to "The Karate Kid".
  • Tomomi has twice as much health as a normal survivor, an attribute she shares with Denyce Calloway and Luz Palmer.
  • Tomomi shares the same surname as Shigeru Miyamoto, a game designer and producer at Nintendo.
  • Despite the fact that she is hiding from three armed mercs, 8 of them are already dead from her hands at the moment Frank finds her. She definitely "almost didn't need any help".
  • During zombie breach she will participate in Safe House defence, fighting zombies near the entrance and even with her double HP she could be overwhelmed by the zombie horde and die.
  • In addition to not being able to carry items, she also will not accept food.