Status Deceased
Mission(s) Talk to Torque
Collect Bikes for Torque
Get Torque's Bike
Go Get Torque

Torque is a character in the Dead Rising 3 DLC Chaos Rising.

Before the outbreak in Los Perdidos, Torque was the leader of the Kings of Chaos biker gang with Hunter acting as his second in command. When the outbreak started, Torque's leadership was overthrown by another member named Spider. Spider managed to take over Torque's leadership after Hunter was jailed.

Hunter meets up with Torque at Ironside Motorbikes and the two devise a plan to overthrow Spider's leadership. He makes Hunter a unique motorbike called the Thrasher using two motorcycles and a sports bike. While Hunter goes to kill Spider's captains, Torque works on "present" for Hunter.

When Hunter returns to Ironside, he finds that Torque has been mortally wounded and left for dead by Spider. When Torque dies, Hunter burns his corpse and leaves to face off against Spider. Torque's parting gift to Hunter is the RollerHawg.


  • Torque has a tattoo on his arm that reads "Ride With King." This could mean that each high-ranking member of the gang had a specific tattoo to represent which role they played, for example one of Hunter's tattoos reads "Knife The King" which could possibly mean that he acted as the gang's hit man. It could also be linked to the end of the DLC seeing as he finishes off Spider with a knife.
  • Torque is the only character besides Nick who is shown to be able to build combo vehicles.
    • All 4 playable DLC characters can build combo vehicles, but this is strictly for gameplay purposes and has no story justification.
  • Torque Wrenchs in real life are wrenches that are used to precisely tighten or loosen a screw to an exact degree. Torque energy refers to the delievery of linear force, often via roation.
  • Torque is the only member of the Kings fo Chaos who is friendly towards Hunter.


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