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Tour Guide is an achievement in Dead Rising.

This achievement is unlocked by having eight survivors in your active party simultaneously. Frank does not have to bring these survivors to the Security Room for the achievement to unlock.

See Frank the Pimp for escorting 8 female survivors at once.


  • An alternative to Leroy is Susan Walsh who can also be found at 8am.
  • Frank may choose to disregard Gil (kill him, let him die, save him before picking up Alyssa, Brett, and Jonathan) and save both Leroy and Susan at 8am
  • If the player has been completing scoops and rescuing survivors in a timely manner, then both Gun Shop Standoff and A Strange Group will be open at the same time during the morning of day three, filling the survivor rota by themselves. Collect the three survivors from the former and take them to Colby's Movieland. Defeat Sean Keanan and rescue the five survivors he has captive. Once all five are freed, the achievement will unlock.
  • Another way to obtain this achievement is on day two. First rescue Gordon Stalworth (of The Coward) at 9am and bring him to Ronald Shiner (of Restaurant Man) in the Entrance Plaza (cut through the Food Court and Leisure Park from Al Fresca Plaza) who appears at 11am. Once the two men are in tow, travel to the bathroom and wait until 1pm where six more survivors will be available: Kay Nelson, Janet Star, Lilly Deacon, and Kelly Carpenter (of Above the Law), Sally Mills and Nick Evans (of Hanging by a Thread). These six will all be in close proximity and once recruited, the achievement is unlocked.
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