Travis Conyers is a former Terror is Reality contestant. His signature weapon is a slicecycle.[1]

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  1. Normally, i'm not a big fan of souvenir stores...There are actually ACTION FIGURES of some of the old TIR contestants. There's a Hogan Payne figure (though, for some reason, he is in his old Olympic boxing outfit rather than his TIR outfit....there's a Killer Kyle Harris figure (i like how his jacket has a star on to show off his all-star status), and there's a Travis Conyers one (on a Slicecycle, naturally)...There's even one of Patricia Kucharska, the first female winner. "TIR Outfit Not Removable." LOL, i love how they had to put that on there to keep the pervs away. (Left Hand Lance), "I got nothin' else to say about that, just JUGGZ!", Tape It or Die, (August 11, 2010).
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