Troy Glover
Location Los Perdidos Bus Depot
Mission(s) Blood Barter
PP 25,000

"Whoa, dude crying over some jewelry at the Almuda Bus Depot. Get him a tissue?"
Jamie Flynt

Troy Glover is a survivor in Dead Rising 3. He can be found crying in the Los Perdidos Bus Depot during Chapter 3. His name is likely a reference to Donald Glover, who plays the character Troy in the TV series Community.

Blood BarterEdit

Nick can find Troy, distraught over selling a precious keepsake of his deceased daughter. The locket that he sold was supposed to grant him passage out of the city, but the man who bought it swindled him. He begs that Nick retrieve it for him, as he regrets selling something so precious to him out of desperation.

At Speedy's G Spot, Nick can speak to Kent and Jesse regarding the locket. After refusing to give it back, Kent and Jesse will both attack. Once Kent has been killed, the locket can be retrieved from his body and Jesse can also be recruited.

After returning the locket to Troy, he will thank Nick and follow him to a safer place.

Trivia Edit

  • Troy is likely based on Donald Glover, who also plays a character Troy in the TV series Community.


  • Toughness 3/5
  • Strength 2/5
  • Ranged 2/5
  • Break Out 2/5
  • Run Speed 3/5