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The truck thief is an unnamed victim in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. In the beginning of Case Zero, this perpetrator stole Chuck Greene's truck, along with the supply of Zombrex, creating the plot of trying to find additional Zombrex and a way out of town before nightfall.


This unnamed man managed to survive the carnage and chaos that erupted from the Quarantine Zone that eventually enveloped the entire town of Still Creek with the undead. Desperate for an escape, this man stole Chuck's truck while he and Katey were looking for supplies in the Brockett Gas Station and sped out of town, leaving Chuck and Katey with no supply of Zombrex, since it was in the vehicle.

Ending A[]

The next morning, after the new military quarantine arrived in Still Creek, Chuck and Katey find the truck on the road. Chuck inspects the vehicle to find it banged up and bloody, with the dead thief inside. His corpse is bloodied and is being eaten by crows. His cause of death is unknown, presumably by the infection or shot down by the military, as they have enforced a strict rule that anybody seen off the main roads will be treated as shoot-to-kill. Bullet holes can be seen on his body, as possible evidence of this rule.


Dead rising jason Dead rising jacob
  • In the Case Zero Xbox 360 files, the Truck Thief is listed as "srv_jacob" (Jacob Skinner) using features from "srv_jason" (Jason Wong) and that model is actually Jacob/Jason's head put onto a different model. This is why the truck thief looks so much like the actual survivor Jacob/Jason (since both survivors look alike, using same features).[1]
  • It can be assumed that the thief went off road and got shot several times by the military judging from the blood and the bullet holes on his shirt.
  • Him stealing the truck ironically saves several people in Still Creek, as his actions lead to Chuck saving others while looking for motorbike parts for an escaping vehicle, thus triggering the events of Case Zero.



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    cCineAnim srv_jacob
    AnimationName = "710_ending_a~srv_jason"
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