The Turret Rig is a combo vehicle in Dead Rising 3.

This combo vehicle is highly durable, is easy to maneuver, has average speed and devastating attack power. Additionally, it can carry Nick and five other passengers, making it capable of carrying an entire posse.

It can be created by combining a steamroller and sedan. Nick will get the blueprints during the beginning of Chapter 1 before he creates it in Wrench-O-Rama the first time that the group leaves the shop to get to the Quarantine Station. It is one of the first combo weapon blueprints that Nick receives.

The PP trial Big Bad Machine of Death requires the player to kill 1,000 zombies with the Turret Rig.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • The cannon can be fired by pressing or holding X button. If the cannon is being fired rapidly by the player holding down the button, it will require a brief cool down.
  • The cannon can be moved using the left stick. When playing in co-op the co-op partner can move the cannon, but the driver (the host) is the only one that can fire the cannon. The cannon can be turned about 180 degrees.
  • Retractable blades come out the side of the vehicle and can be used by pressing Y button. These blades can slash zombies that are on the sides of the Turret Rig.

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