Two's Company
Dead rising Twos Company
Location Dead Rising 2
Hot Excitorama

Off the Record
Uranus Zone

Start Time Time icon11pm, Sept. 27th
End Time Time icon7am, Sept. 28th
Survivor(s) Royce St. John
Walter Morris
PP 20,000 (Join, Each)
40,000 (Escort, Each)
" I see two guys in Hot Excitorama. They look like they are laughing ... or fighting. It's hard to tell. You should check it out, but be careful."
Stacey Forsythe
"I see two guys in From Fortune With Love at the theme park. I'm not sure if they're laughing or fighting."
—Stacey, Off the Record

Two's Company is a mission in Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record. It involves a pair of comedians, Royce St. John and Walter Morris, who are arguing about who is funnier.

In Dead Rising 2, this mission takes place in the Silver Strip starting at 11pm on the third day. In Off the Record, Royce and Walter are instead found in From Fortune With Love inside Uranus Zone at 6pm on the first day. 


Upon arriving at Hot Excitorama, Chuck finds the two men arguing but they stop once they notice that Chuck is in the store. Chuck offers to escort them to the Safe House but they refuse saying that Chuck has to help them settle their argument about who's the better comedian first. Both make a joke, with exactly the same punchline.

Walter: "What does a vegan zombie eat?"
Royce: "What does a zombie get by eating messy?"

Then Chuck has to give the Comedy Trophy on the counter of the store to the most deserving in his opinion. There are two possible outcomes.

Giving the Trophy to Royce

If Chuck gives the Trophy to Royce he will join immediately, Walter will also join if you talk to him. Although he will cry all the way to the Safe Room, it won't affect his ability to defend himself.

Giving the Trophy to Walter

While it seems like there is no difference between the two, Royce is very arrogant; giving him the award keeps him happy, and the pair will follow Chuck; giving the award to Walter makes Royce upset, and he will refuse to move unless Chuck gives him $5,000.

Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.


  • This is the only time the melee weapon, Comedy Trophy, can be found. This weapon counts towards the Head Trauma achievement.
  • Breaking the Comedy Trophy will cause both survivors to defect.
  • Whoever gets the Comedy Trophy will refuse to let it go.
    • This holds true even if you kill the "winner", retrieve the Comedy Trophy, and then gave it to the "loser".
  • The mission gets it's name from the American 70's sitcom Three's Company, with the exception that is says Two's not Three's.
  • The message screen for this mission in Off the Record states:
GOAL: Investigate the laughing guys.
DESTINATION: From Fortune With Love
Two guys are arguing and laughing hysterically in From Fortune With Love in the theme park.


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