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The UH-60 Blackhawk is a US military helicopter in Dead Rising, used by the Special Forces as they quarantine and patrol the town of Willamette.

Dead rising helicopter 810 brutality shot
;Overtime Mode

Once the Special Forces begin their operations in Overtime Mode the UH-60 Blackhawk will make frequent sweeps over Leisure Park, eliminating any zombies or survivors. If it sees Frank, it will attempt to strafe him with the machine guns and occasionally fire rockets at him. The helicopter is piloted by a helicopter pilot, and has two gunners in the cockpit with him.

Introduction with Frank

Four choppers similar to the Leisure Park chopper aggressively followed Ed DeLuca at the beginning of the game in the second cutscene, though they appear to be different makes than the UH-60 Blackhawk.

Dead rising helicopters over burning city
Introduction with Connie and Dakota

Helicopters hover over a burning Willamette with their search lights on in the intro movie.


  • A good place to stand is on top of the picnic shelter near the North Plaza entrance.
  • Aim in front of the helicopter and bring the gun back and up in a sweeping motion to get as many shots as possible on the helicopter.
  • The Real Mega Buster is extremely hard to use on the helicopter as the projectile is almost always too slow to hit the helicopter.
  • The shotgun also works well, due to the guns spread it almost guarantees a hit.
  • The best way to destory the helicopter is to hit it with machinegun fire
  • It is possible to shoot the pilot in the head with a Sniper Rifle, or use the sniper to shoot the rotor blades or main body of the chopper.


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