Uncle Bill's Department Store
Uncle Bill's Department Store
Store Number R109
Location Still Creek
Type Connivence
"Uncle Bill has everything you need to make it through a day in Still Creek...and maybe even a bit more."
—Still Creek Map

Uncle Bill's Department Store is a department store located in the town of Still Creek in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

The store sells a variety of goods, such as different Servbot heads, colored bowling balls, footballs, and lawn darts among other items.

Behind the department store is a parking lot, where Archie Eaton and Jason Wong can be found trying to fend off zombies in the mission Handle With Care.




Dead rising kinky poster (2) Dead rising kinky poster
  • Outside the main entrance there is a torn black and white poster for the probable band, "Kinky Movement...Friday 8th november...(steve?) Smith...Chewy and Jonah...outback...simon vinyl...ju...10 til late...$5 on"
  • On the map, Uncle Bill's Department Store's number is R109, missing the P that numbers from other stores have.


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