Uncle Billy's Buffet
Uncle Billy's Buffet
Store Number IN103
Location Ingleton
Psychopath(s) Darlene Fleischermacher
Scoop(s) All You Can Eat

Uncle Billy's Buffet is a restaurant in Dead Rising 3.

It is a buffet that has several buffet tables and seating areas for patrons, as well as a kitchen area. The psychopath Darlene Fleischermacher can be encountered here during the side mission All You Can Eat in Chapter 3. The restaurant will be locked until the encounter with Darlene. 

Once killed, Darlene will drop a key for the back kitchen area. The kitchen has one of the largest variety of food found in one place in the game. Nick can also eat food off of the buffet table to restore health, but he will eat the food quickly and may vomit afterwards. 

It is one of the restaurants that Nick can visit for the Dine and Dash PP trial, which requires him to visit ten different restaurants in Los Perdidos.




Vintage Newspapers 1
  • Uncle Billy's Buffet is mentioned in a newspaper article in Dead Rising 4. The article explains that Darlene Fleischermacher won a gift card for Uncle Billy's Buffet as a prize for winning a pie-eating competition.
  • The same newspaper clipping is from before the first outbreak (in 2006). If the events of Dead Rising 3 take place in 2021, it means that the buffet has been in business for at least 15 years.
  • The food in the buffet seems to be expired, as Nick, Dick and Darlene become sick from eating too much.


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