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Undying Horror
Dead rising chop till you drop odd jobs Mission 7 - Undying Horror (1)
Difficulty StarStar
Item Stock Small Chainsaw
Well Done Steak
Machine Pistol (100 ammo)
Enemies Zombies
Location Warehouse
Mission Number 7
"Frank, there's some invincible zombies on the move! No attacks work on 'em. I'll do what I can. 'Til then, move!"

Undying Horror is an Odd Job in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. Staying alive in a room with invincible zombies for three minutes.


  • It is best to run around the perimeter of the room so zombies will not be as able to grab Frank. Lead some zombies into a corner. If the zombies get too close, attack them, then keep running around. The chainsaw is really helpful here, but make sure Frank is clear to actually start it up, as he will probably be attacked as he is attempting to do so. Do not worry about Frank's health, because low health does not matter for the S rank.[1]


  • In this job, Frank wears Prisoner Garb and a hockey mask.



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