Uranus Zone
Dead rising off the record uranus zone (8)
Survivor(s) Eric Masters
Royce St. John
Walter Morris
Vikki Taylor
Psychopath(s) Brandon Whittaker
Stacey Forsythe
Scoop(s) Quarter Circle to Forward
Two's Company
Case 2-2: A Familiar Face
The Facts

Uranus Zone is a science-fiction themed amusement park within Fortune City appearing only in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.[1] The main entrance to Uranus Zone is in Fortune Park and is shaped like a large alien head. In Dead Rising 2, this location was the gate intended to be the exit out Fortune City.

The Uranus Zone has four access points:

  1. Atlantica Casino entrance on the east end.
  2. Fortune Park entrance at the north end.
  3. South Plaza via a maintenance tunnel near the Fortune Park entrance.
  4. Underground via a stairwell on the west end.[2]


There are three theme-park rides, all of which can be used to kill zombies and capable of injuring Frank West:[3]

Giant RobotEdit

  • The Giant Robot Stacey Forsythe uses to battle Frank West during The Facts (Off the Record) is visible in the center of the park as an animatronic attraction, near the Galactic Glide ride.[4]
  • It will not attack, but it will wave its arms and its eye(s), head and torso will turn to follow Frank West's movements whenever Frank is within the Robot's field of vision.
  • Just as in The Facts (Off the Record), the Giant Robot's lower "eye" is a golden color and will score a Special PP Sticker if photographed.


CAPCOM URANUS ZONE 20130623-102258
CAPCOM Dead Rising 2 Off The Record Uranus zone URANUS ZONE 20130623-101202
Name Type Number
Dead rising Astonishing Illusions (Uranus Zone)
Astonishing Illusions Store U103
Dead rising Bagged (Uranus Zone)
Bagged! Store U105
Dead rising Fortune City Bank
Fortune City Bank Store U109
Dead rising From Fortune With Love (Uranus Zone)
From Fortune With Love Store U101
Dead rising Galactic Experience
Galactic Experience Ride (Broken) U107
Dead rising Galactic Glide
Galactic Glide Ride U112[5]
Dead rising Jump Space 7
Jump Space 7 Store U102
Dead rising Lombardi's (Uranus Zone)
Lombardi's Store U108
Dead rising off the record uranus zone (2)
Molemen from Uranus Game U121[5]
Dead rising MidWay-G-Matron 2525
MidWay-G-Matron 2525 Game U115[5]
Dead rising Orbital Oscillation
Orbital Oscillation Ride U114[5]
Dead rising Players (Uranus Zone)
Players Store U106
Dead rising Rockets Red Glare (Uranus Zone)
Rockets Red Glare Store U110
Dead rising Space (Uranus Zone)
Space Store U112
Dead rising Stage
Stage[6] No number
Dead rising The Man's Sport (Uranus Zone)
The Man's Sport[7] Store U104
Dead rising The Venus Touch (Uranus Zone)
The Venus Touch Store U111
Dead rising URANUS ZONE (21)
UFO Crash Ride U113[5]



Prestige Point Sticker locationsEdit

Off the Record Prestige Point Sticker locations

Total: 10 stickers v · d · e
87 close 87 far 87 map
Uranus Zone The leftmost doorway on the back wall of one of the games in the MidWay-G-Matron 2525. 87
88 close 88 far 88 map
Uranus Zone At the south entrance to the MidWay-G-Matron 2525, the green alien on the right wall. 88
89 close 89 far 89 map
Uranus Zone The rock below the mural near the Fortune Park entrance. 89
90 close 90 far 90 map
Uranus Zone The animated giant robot across from Rockets Red Glare . 90
91 close 91 far 91 map
Uranus Zone The forehead of the giant robot above Bagged! 91
92 close 92 far 92 map
Uranus Zone The north-face of the UFO Crash pole. 92
93 close 93 far 93 map
Space. Uranus Zone The large purple planet to the left of the Space store sign 93
94 close 94 far 94 map
Orbital Oscillation Uranus Zone The east-facing base of the Orbital Oscillation 94
95 close 95 far 95 map
Rockets Red Glare Uranus Zone Just below the Rockets Red Glare sign 95
96 close 96 far 96 map
Uranus Zone The Uranus Zone sign as seen from the base of the Orbital Oscillation 96

Load screen prestige pointsEdit

Hidden load screen prestige points:

Location Hint Description PP Bonus
Uranus Zone PP Hint You're midway to some more PP. Play the Midway Gallery games. See Midway Gallery
Uranus Zone PP Hint What makes an amusement park, amusing? Hot dogs? Eat two hot dogs 1000 PP - two times[9]
Uranus Zone PP Hint Where do Mole Men live? In Uranus! In the Molemen from Uranus minigame, hit the Molemen with a Sledge Hammer or Space Hammer. 500 PP + 1,500 Environmental Bonus[10]

45 PP - Space Hammer[11]

Uranus Zone PP Hint Invasions, they come from above. Involves Alien Head. 1000 PP - 5 times[12]


  • Capcom's official Uranus Zone site
  • Uranus Zone is referred to as "Theme Park" in the game files. In the hallway to South Plaza the walls have spray painted signs on the walls to the "theme park".
  • The original idea of a new area for Off the Record was to make another casino but with a different theme, such as an Asian theme or a space theme. This idea was scrapped because although visually it would look good, it would not offer new game play.[13] The original theme park idea was a western theme, with saloons and six gun shooting mini-games.[2]
  • Description on the map page: Come take a trip to outer space, in the Uranus Zone! Come enjoy the many rides, games, and the Jump Space 7 lounge. While on your way home from you intergalactic voyage, make sure you stop by the gift shop and pick up a probe for the kids.
  • Uranus Zone is the only location in Fortune City that has two restrooms.
  • Even though Uranus Zone is supposed to be non-canon, it's still seen on the Fortune City map, found in the Museum located at Central City, in Dead Rising 3.

Daily prices of theme park.[14]

Regular (ages 9-60) Junior (ages 3-8) Senior (ages 60 +) Children (2 & under)
1 Day Ticket $85.00/day $79.00/day $80.00/day FREE
2 Day ticket $84.00/day $77.50/day $79.00/day FREE
3 Day ticket $77.00/day $71.00/day $73.00/day FREE


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