aka Altair without the double Dots.

  • I live in The Gentlemannly School of Assassins
  • My occupation is Killing bad edits and hunting vandals in the honor of the admins.
  • I am a Warrior
Age 20
Notebook Description Random dude on the Wikia, helps around, trying to forget about his past.
Weapon Fists, Knife, Knife Gloves,

Broadsword, Battleaxe, Large amount of other weapons.

Location Unknown
Scoop(s) Scoop it up in a oildrum.

About meEdit

Im a normal dude hanging around on the internets. Was quite the naggy and whiny one during the younger days here, but i am ensuring that it shall not happen once again.

Pages Edit

  • Found the name of the Power Guitar (amplifier + Electric Guitar)
  • Created the Page Infernal Arms ( First name was Fire Sword, that later was changed by Mistertrouble)
  • Added the endings tabs on both Dead Rising Case Zero and Dead Rising 2, also edited the PP rewards for the endings on both (not all of the rewards, but a large part of it)

My favorite weapons in Dead Rising 2Edit

Knife Gloves



Fire Axe (Dead Rising 2)



Metal Baseball Bat

Sniper Rifle (Dead Rising 2)


Six Shooter

Bow and Arrow

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