Hi, I'm Ampager (an anagram of Rampage), or Amp'd for short. I have been a content moderator on this wiki since September 2017, and an administrator since March 2020. I am a big fan of survival horror video games, a genre I got into after playing games like Dead Rising 2 and Dead Island. Over the years, I have strived to improve readers' experience on this wiki by adding as much of my knowledge of the Dead Rising series as I can. I've been here for about 9 years now, and I'm pleased to see how much this wiki has grown since then.


Editing style

Like most wiki contributors, I have my preferred editing subjects and inclinations due to my particular knowledge and playing habits; this list presents a general idea:

  • I'm more competent with Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record topics over other games.
  • I am very familiar with the technical aspects of the games.
  • I am perhaps more of an editor than an article writer or starter.
  • I tend to take rewriting inconsistent, unclear, or messy paragraphs to task.
  • I'm quite observant in regards to organization, grammar, and terminology.
  • I'm a relatively bold editor, yet quite fond of discussing options.

If you find that any edits I make don't seem correct or have errors, go ahead and make an edit or a comment on the appropriate talk page (or on mine), and if you see some change I made (a move or such) affects some of your contributions or other stuff, go ahead and let me know and, assuming there wasn't a problem with my change in the first place, I'll help tidy it up until it's fixed.

Achievement progress

Dead Rising 2 achievement progress




Date unlocked
DR2 A 04 Zombie Genocide Master.png Zombie Genocide Master Kill 72,000 zombies. 1/15/2015
DR2 A 03 Z-Genocider 2 Genocide Harder.png Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder Kill 53,596 zombies. 1/15/2015
DR2 A 022 Chuck Greene Cross Dresser.png Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? Change into all the clothes in the game. 1/14/2015
DR2 A 031 Better With a Friend.png Better With a Friend Solve all case files in Co-op. 4/17/2014
DR2 A 037 TK's Favorite.png TK's Favorite Play and win in all 9 TIR events. 12/5/2012
DR2 A 016 Hero of Fortune City.png Hero of Fortune City Save 50 survivors. 8/15/2012
DR2 A 026 Finally Full.png Finally Full Eat all types of food in the game. 8/7/2012
DR2 A 045 Full Deck.png Full Deck Collect all combo cards. 8/7/2012
DR2 A 042 Life Saver.png Life Saver Collect all survivor combo cards. 8/7/2012
DR2 A 046 Data Miner.png Data Miner Fill all entries in the notebook. 8/6/2012
DR2 A 041 Curiously Inventive.png Curiously Inventive Collect all combo cards hidden in Fortune City. 7/24/2012
DR2 A 027 Having A Gas.png Having A Gas Kill 1,000 "special" zombies. 10/9/2011
DR2 A 010 Head Trauma.png Head Trauma Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie. 9/22/2011
DR2 A 018 Duct Tape FTW.png Duct Tape FTW Create all combo weapons. 9/22/2011
DR2 A 036 Improper Behavior.png Improper Behavior Spraypaint all Zombrex posters. 9/21/2011
DR2 A 047 Smashy.png Smashy Smash 100 zombies using the Smash skill move. 9/3/2011
DR2 A 014 Come on! Follow me!.png Come On! Follow Me! Escort 8 survivors at once. 9/3/2011
DR2 A 06 Judge, Jury and Executioner.png Judge, Jury and Executioner Defeat 10 psychopaths. 8/26/2011
DR2 A 048 Stick 'em up.png Stick 'em Up! Stick it to a zombie by covering him in weapons and objects! 8/24/2011
DR2 A 09 He hasn't covered wars....png He Hasn't Covered Wars... Use every type of firearm on a zombie. 8/17/2011
DR2 A 029 Father of the Year.png Father of the Year Give Katey every possible gift. 8/17/2011
DR2 A 013 Slaughter - S = Laughter!.png Slaughter - S = Laughter Use every type of novelty weapon on a zombie. 8/12/2011
DR2 A 07 Zombie Fu.png Zombie Fu Kill 1,000 zombies barehanded. 8/11/2011
DR2 A 034 Window Shopper.png Window Shopper Enter all the stores in the game. 8/10/2011
DR2 A 033 Big Spender.png Big Spender Spend $6,000,000 in Fortune City. 8/10/2011
DR2 A 011 Death From Afar.png Death From Afar Use every type of ranged weapon on a zombie. 8/2/2011
DR2 A 025 Look at all that juice!.png Look At All That Juice! Create and consume all mixed drinks in the game. 8/1/2011
DR2 A 050 Tape it or DIE!.png Tape It or DIE! Discover the secret combo card. 8/1/2011
DR2 A 043 Tough Guy.png Tough Guy Collect all combo cards from psychopaths. 7/24/2011
DR2 A 020 Professional Rising.png Professional Rising Reach level 50. 7/23/2011
DR2 A 012 Explosive Temper.png Explosive Temper Use every type of explosive on a zombie. 7/23/2011
DR2 A 049 The Skill To Survive.png Skill to Survive Tame Snowflake. 7/23/2011
DR2 A 039 Win Big!.png Win Big! Finish in first place in a TIR episode. 7/23/2011
DR2 A 038 Rising Star.png Rising Star Come in first place in a single TIR event. 7/23/2011
DR2 A 030 Justice Served.png Justice Served Complete Overtime Mode. 7/23/2011
DR2 A 023 Clean Record.png Clean Record Complete The Facts. 7/23/2011
DR2 A 08 Wrong kind of Chopper.png Wrong Kind of Chopper Kill 1,000 zombies while riding a motorcycle. 7/22/2011
DR2 A 032 Don't you die on me!.png Don't You Die On Me! Revive another player in Co-op. 7/22/2011
DR2 A 035 Masquerade.png Masquerade Have 10 zombies with masks on at once. 7/22/2011
DR2 A 040 Custom Finish.png Custom Finish Give your bike a custom paint job. 7/22/2011
DR2 A 05 Vigilante Justice.png Vigilante Justice Defeat 5 psychopaths. 7/18/2011
DR2 A 044 Half Deck.png Half Deck Collect 25 combo cards. 7/18/2011
DR2 A 019 Apprentice Rising.png Apprentice Rising Reach level 25. 7/18/2011
DR2 A 028 Father of the Month.png Father of the Month Give Katey a gift. 7/18/2011
DR2 A 02 Zombie Destruction.png Zombie Destruction Kill 5,000 zombies. 7/18/2011
DR2 A 015 Saving the Day.png Saving the Day Save 10 survivors. 7/18/2011
DR2 A 021 Fashion Aficionado.png Fashion Aficionado Change into 10 different pieces of clothing. 7/16/2011
DR2 A 01 Zombie Slaughter.png Zombie Slaughter Kill 500 zombies. 7/16/2011
DR2 A 024 Bartender.png Bartender Mix a drink. 7/16/2011
DR2 A 017 Needs more chainsaw.png Needs More Chainsaw Create a combo weapon. 7/16/2011
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