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  • I was born on January 24
  • I am Male

About meEdit

My name is Zero. I never really know what to say in Bio's but I know they are meant to be about me so. I am a strange and unusual guy, I enjoy relaxing watching TV, sitting back with a good book, listening to music of any kind, Playing Games and just hanging out and chilling with my friends. Once I get an idea in my mind I tend to stick to it and try my hardest to achieve it. As for anything else you want to know you can just ask me, and if I do not reply do not worry I tend to be forgetful at times

I am a former Official Moderator/Admin of Capcom-Unity.

Official Dead Rising Forums

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Need to Edit/Remake Edit


Need to make a basic page listing all Mags for all 4 games DR2 CZ, DR2, DR 2 CW and DR2 OTR.

DR 2 AchievementsEdit

Zombie Slaughter - Zombie Destruction - Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder - Zombie Genocide Master - Vigilante Justice - Judge, Jury and Executioner - Zombie Fu - Wrong kind of "Chopper" - He hasn't covered wars... - Head Trauma - Death From Afar - Explosive Temper - Slaughter - S = Laughter! - Come on! Follow me! - Saving the Day - Hero of Fortune City - Needs more chainsaw - Duct Tape FTW - Apprentice Rising - Professional Rising - Fashion Aficionado - Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? - Clean Record - Bartender - Look at all that juice! - Finally Full - Having A Gas - Father of the Month - Father of the Year - Justice Served - Better With a Friend - Don't you die on me! - Big Spender - Window Shopper - Masquerade - Improper Behavior - TK's Favorite - Rising Star - Win Big! - Custom Finish - Curiously Inventive - Life Saver - Tough Guy - Half Deck - Full Deck - Data Miner - Smashy - Stick 'em up - The Skill To Survive - Secret Achievement

DR 2 OTR AchievementsEdit

Photo School - Photo Journalist - Adult Content - Mixed Messages - Raw Emotion - Full Camera - Nice Shot - Photo Album - Award Winning Photography - Making Memories - Camera Crazy - BFF - I Got a Medal! - Challenge Addict - Help From My Friends - The Challenge Experience - More Help From My Friends - Challenge Domination - Even More Help From My Friends - Drugged Up - Save the Girl - Save the Girl... Again - Technological Terror - True Colors - Save the Girl... Yet Again - No Zombies In The Vents - Team Player - Powered Up - Out With the Old - Prom Night - Elite Killer - Luggage Code - Six Digits?!? - Dominoes - Prestigious PP - Maintaining The City - New Hotness - Card Collection - Card Archive - Hands of Doom - We Have a Winner! - Best of Friends - Safety Check: Failed - Cramped Quarters - Party Time - Puking Rally - Frank West: Cross Dresser - Purewal Memorial Cup - Tiger Tamer - Alpha Vs. Omega - DR2:OTR Trophy Master

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