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User: Ciwey
A pharmacist-to-be with a penchant for creative writing. That's all you need to know.

Greetings, visitor to my humble user page. I'm just your typical college sophomore-to-be with a quasi-fanatical enthusiasm in the Dead Rising series. I'm currently working towards a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, but let's face it, my undergraduate pharmaceutical endeavors aren't exactly anything to write home about. I consider myself as a fiction writer, though lately that's been somewhat relegated on the backburner.

Playing StyleEdit

What I'm self-professedly best at in Dead Rising is doing Saint runs - though that would be a slight misnomer, as I tend to elevate my rescue count to exactly fifty-three with Simone Ravendark in place of Dr. Russell Barnaby. Pardon what might sound like self inflation or bragging, but Saint runs have become so commonplace to me that I have on occasion placed upon myself on a handful of restrictions:

  • without using waypoints
  • without arming survivors
  • without giving food to survivors

And it might sound unbelievable, but I've actually accomplished a Saint run with all three above restrictions, so I don't take too sympathetically to people who gripe that the Saint achievement is impossibly difficult. :P

Writing ProjectsEdit

At the present, I'm working on a crossover of Dead Rising and Stephen King's Needful Things. It is multi-perspective account featuring the major and minor characters of Dead Rising, in additional to a guest appearance by a malicious merchant from Resident Evil 4.
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