Sullivan Stairs
Age 21
Notebook Description A college student who should be studying.
Weapon Xbox controller
Location Oregon
Scoop(s) Cookies N' Cream with chocolate sauce.

I am an administator on the Dead Rising wiki. If there is a problem that needs adressing, please feel free to Leave a message on my talk page, and I'll get to it as soon as I can.

If it's an urgent problem, you may wish to try my Twitter account. If I'm not on the Wiki, I'm usually on my computer anyways.

About meEdit

I'm currently college student majoring in Visual Communications. I live in Portland Oregon, 20 years old, and I <3 Dead rising so much that I'm always creating these little side stories on my head and acting them out when I'm alone...Uh, I mean, I always go out, drink some beers, get me a few ladies every night, ya know. Manly stuff that people who aren't losers do. What's Dead Rising? Never heard of it.

Youtube Runs Edit

I have done a Saint run of Dead Rising on youtube and I plan on doing one for Case Zero and Dr2 as well! Check them out!

Dengarde's Youtube Saint Run

Achievement and Trophy guidesEdit

I am in the procces of making normerous guides to help you along the way of getting every achivement/trophy in the series. If you're having trouble, I recommend you check them out.
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